7 Reasons Why To Change Your Motorcycle Shocks

Riding a motorcycle is preferable to a person when it is safe. It’s too risky to ride due to some factors. One of those factors is the shocks of motorcycles.

It partially assures the safety of motorcycles. Do you know what motorcycle shocks are?

Motorcycle shocks are a part of the back wheel which supports the riders.

So the shocks are an essential part of a motorcycle. After a duration of time, it needs to change. Are you interested in selecting a perfect shock absorber? Do you want to know 7 reasons why to change your motorcycle shocks?

Don’t worry. You will find the detailed information you want.

Important Things To Consider About The Motorcycle Shocks

  1. The necessary information about the motorcycle shock absorber
  2. The importance of shock absorber
  3. 7 reasons why to change your motorcycle shocks

The Basic information about the motorcycle shock absorber

Most of the time, we have no idea about it. Many people confuse it with the suspension system. It is just a part of the suspension.

So firstly you should know about this. Here the essential information is:

  • It is an essential part of the motorcycle suspension system.
  • Attached with the back wheel.
  • Maybe single or twin. For single and twin shocks, approximately 10 and 15-20 bars pressure normal.
  • It converts the kinetic energy to other forms of life.
  • In general, gas or oils, or both, are used as fuel. In combined energy, if they are separate chambers, the shocks will last longer. The high-quality shocks have this facility.
  • It can combine with an air suspension spring.
  • Reduce the springing movement of the motorcycle.
  • Stop bounce as well as oscillation.
  • Out of the shock body, which has reservoir poking, is reusable.
  • Have control over the braking system.
  • Dust, moisture can damage the shock absorber easily. So after a journey, it should clean up properly.

The Importance of Shock Absorber

Being a small part of a motorcycle is quite essential. Shock absorber acts directly or indirectly. It enhances many activities of motorcycles.

It’s essential in some activities are given below:

  • Helps to steer

Steering is an essential step of riding. The absorber makes the steering process easier. If the absorber is damaged, it won’t be easy to steer the motorcycle. So for more comfortable steering, motorcycle shocks are an essential factor.

  • Make braking system easier

The break is essential to stop the vehicle. In the case of motorcycles, the absorber has regulation over the holiday. For the proper function of the gap, a sound absorber requires. Abnormalities of shock may cause brake failure.

  • Provides smooth ride

Smooth riding is delightful. Having a long journey with smooth-riding, you won’t get sick. It provides you with stress-free riding. For this purpose, a good shock absorber precondition.

  • Protect from accidents

Shock absorbers protect the riders from accidents directly or indirectly. If your shock absorber is abnormal, you will face many problems. Those are uncontrol break, vibrate and lean during the turn, and so on. These reasons are responsible for the accidents. The shock absorber helps to overcome those.

  • Protector of fuel

It protects the fuel partially. It considers as the reservoir of energy in motorcycles. Due to damage from it, the leak of fuel occurs.

7 Reasons Why To Change Your Motorcycle Shocks

When a shock absorber is damaged, it changed. If you don’t change it timely, it will show some abnormal functions. The changing of the absorber is the solution to the problem. There are many reasons to change your shocks. Among them, the most important 7 are:

1. Bumpy ride

Bumping is unwanted to the rider, which disturbs during riding. It is uncomfortable for the riders. You will fail to ride the motorcycle smoothly. Sometimes you will feel you are losing control over the motorcycle. If you are not an expert, accidents may happen. The main culprit for this situation is the shock absorber. If the absorber is damaged or old, this happens frequently. The best solution for avoiding this situation is changing the shocks.

2. Leaks of fluid

From a standard motorcycle, a fuel leak does not happen. If fuel leaks, it is harmful to the motorcycle. It is also risky for you and your vehicle. Fuel leaks never support long journeys. Even you need to stop your trip at the middle road due to lack of fuel. One of the causal agents of fuel leaks is the damage of shock absorbers. If it happens, check your motorcycle shocks immediately. And change it if required.

3. Abnormal tire tread wear

It is a dangerous problem for vehicles. If you find the tread wear isn’t normal, there is no problem. The damage of suspension is one of the reasons. In this case, the absorber is also responsible. So when you will find this problem, solve it immediately. It would help if you went to a mechanic to change the shock.

4. Abnormal breaking

Shocks are a compulsory part of motorcycles. You can’t give up if you want. So it would help if you also changed it timely. Like other responses, it affects braking systems. If the shocks are damaged, you can not break your motorcycle altogether. It will not stop at an exact place. It will move some different locations or the back yard. Sometimes accidents may happen due to this problem. So if you face breaking problems, it’s time to change the shocks.

5. Mileage

Almost always, with a new shock absorber, a motorcycle can run 50000 miles. You can say it’s an average expiration date for shocks. So count the distance you have crossed with it. Before going for a long-distance, it’s essential. If you find that it has crossed the range, change immediately. So it’s an indicator for adjusting the shocks.

6. Problem of steering

Steering is not too hard or laborious. You can easily steer up the motorcycle if you know. After knowing everything when it’s complicated:

  • Don’t be upset.
  • Don’t think that it is your fault. The problem may remain in the motorcycle.
  • So check it out first.

Due to the problem of shocks, the steering may be difficult. It will be very hard to turn. You will feel shaken and lean when to take a turn.

7. Abnormal wear and tear

Sometimes the mileage guarantees everything is ok, but there may be problems.

Due to trauma or other reasons, the damage of shocks may occur. So try to check it immediately before or after riding. However, it may not be too useful. If abnormal wear and tear find, changing is the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use motorcycle shocks?

Motorcycle shocks are essential parts of the motorcycle. It maintains the weight of the rider. You want, or you can’t give up this part. It is also necessary for the proper function of some other features. So for appropriate riding, you must use motorcycle shocks.

How can I understand why my shock absorber needs to change?

The shock absorber helps to maintain some normal activities of the motorcycle. Suppose you find any abnormalities of those functions you can understand. The exception of a steer, break, liking oil, etc., saw. From these abnormalities, you can understand to change the shock absorber. Following the reasons given in this article, you can easily understand.

How long does a shock absorber use?

The duration of the shock absorber depends on many factors. But it has an average area to cover. A shock absorber can to used for 50000 miles of distance. It may be lower due to Improper care of it.

How many types of motorcycle shocks are available in the market?

Basically, there are two types of motorcycle shocks. These are monotube and twin-tube shock absorbers. These two types have different subtypes. And You can choose these according to your demand.

Are all types of shock absorbers suitable for repair?

No, all types of absorber are not suitable to repair. It depends on the type of fuel or absorber quality. And These use both gas and oil in a single compartment. So these remain dumped. These are not long-lasting. You can use those for only one time. But if you buy the best one and use it all. You can repair it for further use.


7 reasons why to change your motorcycle shocksare essential. Those will ensure the safety of your riding. Don’t try to ignore those critical issues. It may be life-threatening for you. Or your traveling will be very irritating for you due to some problems.

Motorcycle shocks are a tiny part of motorcycles having great importance. You can easily follow those steps given in this article. I can assure you that this little effort will confirm a comfortable journey. So change your motorcycle shocks when requires. And make your traveling enjoyable.

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