Top 10 Best Lift Pump for Duramax In 2022

Do you have a problem with the fuel injection and the engine of your truck? You will be in the position to find the answer if you are. We have recommended here the best lift pump for Duramax to fix your issues.

The pump is a food source for Duramax. You should mount a lift pump in your vehicle even without any issue. The pump speeds up the engine’s operation. You will boost the throttle response and enhance the Duramax injection machine life expectancy. The lifting pump passes fuel to the engine injection system.

As a result, energy filtering improves repeatedly. This device is a vital part of the diesel engine since it makes the entire pumping system more long-lasting and optimally controls the fuel.

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Explanation of the Best Lift Pump for Duramax

We have explained the properties of each lift pump. You will see every lift pump has separate characteristics and functions. Therefore, go through the Duramax lift pump reviews!

1. AirDog 6.6 6.6L Duramax Diesel Lift Pump: Greater throttle power

AirDog Duramax Diesel Lift Pump Filter

This model suits all Duramax-produces vehicles from 2001 to 2010. Installing this lift pump is the perfect way for you to increase the overall quality of your engine. The method is easy and the results are fantastic. You can enjoy the higher throttle response when you mount this device in your Duramax.

Diesel motor trucks are fantastic, but their acceleration capacity can decrease over time. With this simple unit, you can increase your vehicle’s throttle action and also improve fuel efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

Smooth-shifting of gear

If you throw your truck or turn gears quickly, this combustible pump ensures a fast and productive operation. You will accomplish this system with no spikes, no delays, and fast response.

Remove airing issues

The mechanism of fuel injection also contributes to air pumping along with the fuel. This will make the vehicle’s overall efficiency bad. This fuel pump ensures that all air is separated from the pumping system, thus avoiding the motor’s tear and wear.


  • Useful guidance and methods of installation are also very simple
  • All the essential parts inside the kit
  • Flexible unit and adjustable with any diesel truck


  • Don’t have a 4G engine

2. AirDog A6SPBC259 Fuel Lift pump – Minimal noise

Airdog A6SPBC259 Fuel Lift Pump Ii-4G,Df-100-4G 2001-2010 Chevy Duramax

This is easy to get to your Chevy Duramax, one of the finest elevator pumps. This system can be your choice anytime you want to add some additional MPG to your car. Furthermore, it has extreme durability.

While you require a simple understanding of how to mount the elevator pump, this procedure is accessible to newbies through the directions that come with this material. You save a huge deal of money and you don’t have to go to your garage to mount this elevator pump.

However, a few separate pieces are needed for the installation of this easily acquired elevator pump. Before you do it alone, you can review carefully the different instructional videos for the mounting process.

Features and Benefits:

Excellent mileage

This pump not only adds power to your engine but also allows you to maximize your kilometers. This package gives full advantages to the car and leaves no rock unturned.

Excellent appearance and vehicle

This one tool would ensure that all these concerns are answered whether your Chevy Duramax faces problems such as spike, lack of control, delay in changing gear, or persistent repression. Since the Chevy Duramax is over 300 kilometers, this elevator pump ensures that the car is running smoothly without additional effort.

Your car would better respond to your orders and upgrade your overall car performance.


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Extensive durable
  • Easy mounting


  • Some users can find it difficult to install the bracket position

3. AirDog 150 Gallons Per Hour Lift Pump – Larger horsepower

AirDog 150 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) Flow Rate For 2001-2010 ChevroletGM Duramax Diesel With LB7, LLY, LBZ, & LMM Engines Preset At 8psi Single Piece Pump Body

This device is perfectly suitable for Chevy Duramax designs between 2011 and 2014. It helps up to 800 HP engines. A simple elevator pump cannot fulfill the potential for those with the latest and modern trucks that hold powerful engines.

Moreover, you can supply the right amount of fuel and power for your car with these new offerings. Although it is difficult to mount the most efficient fuel pumps, this is not true of this product. The whole appliance can be conveniently controlled and comes with user-friendly guidance from brackets to mats.

Features and Benefits:

Helps modded trucks

If your car is amplified to contain more engine capacity, it is difficult to keep up with your fuel injection system. This pump is constructed to accommodate up to 800 horsepower, so even the toughest truck can run smoothly.

Multiple filtration system

One of the greatest features of this unit is the two separate filtration methods. The first filter extracts contaminants of water to avoid damage to your turbine.

The second eliminates both the vapor of water and the small particles. The gasoline your motor gets is also of the finest quality possible.


  • Clean and clear fuel supply
  • Widely compatible with Duramax models
  • Long-lasting lift pump


  • When using this unit, there is a continuous sound

4. AirDog A6SABC413 4G Duramax Lift Pump – Easy mounting system

DF-165-4G Fuel System 2015-2016 Chevy Duramax with Ohio Diesel Parts Sump Kit

This item suits all designs manufactured after 2015 from Chevy Duramax. It fits for both mods and offers the best performance. The AirDog II -4G could be the better model for AirDog. This is one of the most appropriate pumps for your vehicle for both mechanics and users.

Furthermore, the lift pump helps 500 horsepower to 800 horsepower engine and flows at 165 GPH (gallons per hour). Keeps the injection schedule right and removes spray paint which permits a complete burn and full power stroke.

Features and Benefits:

Upgrade throttle response

If your truck has trouble running or has general troubles with a gastric reaction, you can eliminate all problems by downloading this gadget at once. This fuel injection system receives outstanding assistance and the total efficiency of your truck would be fluid.

Highly functional for latest vehicles

The AirDog II 4G is not the case if you are concerned with lifting pump versions that only cater to older cars. The engine, as well as the filtration system, is constructed to accommodate the new Chevy Duramax trucks and offer a significant boost to durability.


  • The kit is fitted with all necessary components for mounting
  • Long-lasting device
  • The broadly suitable and upgraded version


  • Not for pre-2015 vehicle design

5. AirDog II-4G 100 GPH Fuel Lift Pump – Most customized alternative on the market

Fuel Lift Pump & Bean Machine Sump Kit Compatible with 2001-2010 ChevyGMC 6.6L LB7 LLY LBZ LMM Duramax Diesel

This system supplies a flow of up to 100 Gallons per hour and you can change the pressure when you need it. This lift pump is a life-saving solution for trucks that face frequent changes in PSI. It is one of the cheap Duramax lift pumps and offers fantastic value for the cost.

Purchase it to support your Chevy Duramax to add additional energy and power. While installing the AirDog Raptor is very straightforward, certain challenges will occur if it is new to the operation.

This system is, however, stronger than most other elevator pumps. Only think about installing over the frame rail and keeping the old bracket a short distance.

Features and Benefits:

Maximize acceleration

Not only can you provide this tool the requisite assistance for fuel injection and the engine, but the acceleration will also gain a huge boost. When you have a lift pump, it is rustling as it is new from the dealership after you mount this lift pump.

Broadly suitable all vehicles

The construction of this elevator pump may be intended for the Chevy Duramax, but it will suit every truck perfectly and achieve identical results. Please note that each vehicle has a variable length of trousers, so please be sure of the measurement before you plan to cut it.

Since correctly mounted, all issues with PSI will vanish and the overall performance of your car will be increased.


  • Durable
  • Highly functional
  • Greater power


  • No clear mounting instructions

6. AirDog A4SPBC089 Lift Pump Filter – Reliable and durable system

Airdog Lift Pump Filter A4SPBC089 Compadible with 2011-2014 6.6 L Duramax Diesel

This lift pump is greatly suitable for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 6.6L Duramax-powered trucks. This component helps 500 to 800 HP engines and flows at 150 gallons per hour. Flying in the idle is around 10 PSI.

This is an exceptionally reliable unit. It supplies the proper pressure and supports the needs of the engine, and increases the vehicle’s overall efficiency. There is barely any reduction in friction when you’re driving on low or WOT gears.

The petrol is received from the fuel tank, which includes vapor/air, particulate contaminants, and undisclosed volumes of water under a vacuum.

Features and Benefits:

Better torque and mileage

This lift pump’s primary goal is to guarantee that your engine flows smoothly, but its filtration mechanism gives you the best miles that do not drop smoothly. You can also achieve improved torque and provide a smooth entire driving experience.

Extensively suits with vehicles

If you’re upset that diesel engines aren’t running right, you don’t have to be concerned. They have developed this model to accommodate the fuel involved and to produce the best possible outcomes.


  • The very easy and compatible mounting system
  • Noise-free device
  • Cost-effective


  • No pressure change option

7. AirDog A4SPBD353 Fuel Air Separation Lift Pump – Long-lasting and more efficient

Fuel Air Separation System for Duramax Dodge

Dodge Cummins 5.9L is for all chassis from 1998.5-2004 AirDog (FP-100). The product is a very efficient and long-lasting on-demand flow of 100 gallons per hour. Moreover, this lift pump is for all 5.9L Duramax engines and preset for 8 PSI vehicle applications.

The installation time of this lift pump is very quick. You need approximately 30 to 45 minutes for mounting. The fuel flows at a high rate to the engine. The AirDog is designed to perform above the full engine specifications on pressures and flows.

Features and Benefits:


The injection process is weaker and there is increased noise when the life pump system normally wears down. But you won’t face all of these problems with this specific product. Instead, the car is now running like a powerhouse, with extra horsepower and a very quiet transmission.

All-round performance

This system is intended to boost your vehicle’s overall performance. It can boost fuel economy once it is mounted, enhance torque, improve pump life and also have a longer injector.

If you are concerned that the price is a little higher than the normal life engine, you can potentially save money when the cat performs better and has longer durability. And a stronger fuel injection system is needed for trucks running at a higher capacity.


  • Noise-free
  • Long-lasting and stable
  • Highly functional


  • Need clear directions for installation

8. AirDog A6SABC413 8 PSI II-4G Lift Pump – High-quality composition materials

AirDog A6SABC413 8 PSI II-4G Lift Pump Chevy Duramax Preset

This product perfectly fits with the newer 6.6L, 2015 Duramax Diesel. The flow rate of this component is 165 gallons per hour. This pump system will be the best pump for your Duramax. The system is a fuel-pumping equipment system.

The manufacturers design this model for specific vehicles. You need to check carefully before purchasing this lift pump for your Duramax. The net weight of the package is 9.298 kilograms and the item is 4G series which is brand new.

Features and Benefits:

Save fuel

Are you unhappy with and tires of a car that sweats up with diesel, but still doesn’t start? This system guarantees that no complications of this nature exist any longer. You can conserve fuel and gain more engine strength or power with the option to transform the mechanical pump into an electrical pump.

No more mechanical pumping system

Over time, the automatic pumping of fuel has become an ancient concept. However, you sure do not have the advantages of electric pumps if you have an older vehicle. The engine will act as a whole new material for this product.


  • Metal construction and long-lasting
  • Widely compatible with Duramax
  • Easy to clean the device


  • Need clear directions for mounting

9. Pureflow or AirDog A4SPBC091 FP-150 Lift Pump – Greater torque and higher performance

Adjustable Lift Fuel Pum Pressure Regulator Kit Chevy Duramax

This design is also a cheap Duramax Lift pump. Furthermore, it is greatly suitable for 2015 to 2016 Chevy Duramax. The horsepower of the material is greater which almost 800 HP.

The mounting devices include connectors, brackets, clips, and hoses. Besides, this lift pump supplies higher torque. As a result, you will get greater performance from it. Furthermore, this device enhances fuel economy.  On top of that, it contains longer injection pump life.

Features and Benefits:

Quick installation method

Don’t be concerned when you’re new to the lorry maintenance process. There is no need to append lots of money in a garage to mount this fuel pump. Only follow the directions step by step and you can mount the pump yourself without any problems.

Excellent fuel injection

When your truck faces some kind of fuel injection crisis, this is the right remedy. This fuel pump will supply the engine with the highest performing fuel injection and it takes care of any delays in change or slowed acceleration. If you buy an old truck or expect a second-hand car, experts highly recommend it.


  • Easy to mount
  • Broadly functional
  • Excellent acceleration
  • Long-lasting


  • There is no guarantee on it

10. Aeromotive 11802 130GPH Lift Pump – Latest design

It is a confident brand and long-term consistency automotive device provider. This lift pump is a modified fuel action design for flow-thru. This high-grade Aeromotive lift pump is suitable for all carriers if you are searching for an alternative above the regular AirDog.

It has some very sophisticated engineering ideas and a fantastic value for the cost. The composition of the lift pumps is stainless steel. As a result, you will enjoy very long-lasting services from Duramax.

Features and Benefits:

Decreased maintenance

There is very little durability on the market for this commodity. The filter has several layers to eliminate any contaminants from the fuel. This lift pump supports not just the injection process but also the generator.

Issues-solving approach

The architecture of this Aeromotive model is intended to alleviate typical problems with aged trucks while the remainder of lift pumps serves a unique purpose. If the shaft seal is not adequately supplied or the motor runs out, this system ensures that the vehicle still has enough fuel.


  • Less maintenance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly functional
  • High-quality product materials


  • In some places, it can be difficult to reach

The Benefits of Using a Lift Pump for Duramax

You will get several advantages when you will use this lift pump for your Duramax. You can obtain like

  • Improved machine life
  • Enhanced torque and horsepower
  • Increased fuel mileage
  • Simpler begins in the cold winter season

How to Install Duramax Lift Pump

Based on your interpretation of the criteria, the mounting process for the elevator pump can be straightforward and complicated. You should take into consideration a variety of factors before mounting the elevator pump. The things are:

  • The length of the tube should be measured carefully before cutting.
  • The better thing if the belts are constructed of metal, but they can operate even with plastic braces.
  • Carefully determine the difference between the valves and the lift pump.
  • You will have to go under the car to ensure that the pump is correctly mounted.

Once you have been mounted, the lift pump needs to be checked. This can be achieved by noting the moment your vehicle starts or by changing each gear slowly and showing if your vehicle is throwing. Please also take care of the noise that comes from the pump.

How to Pick the Best Lift Pump for Duramax?

There are some factors we need to consider before buying the best lift pump. We have explained the factors below:

Check pressure

The pressure at which the fuel is injected into the motor ensures that the car operates smoothly. In various gears, this pressure alters. If the pressure of the lift pump is high, it might not be a good one. 

Any pumps will change the pressure and others cannot adjust the pressure. Make sure you pick a system that suits your vehicle’s pressure needs well. 

Check the noise 

Some kits don’t make any noise. You can buy by taking this element into account. Although it can seem like a minor factor, the overall efficiency of your car may play a major role. 

Check durability

The pump is a huge investment since you buy an elevator pump to make sure it is durable. The easiest way to figure out if an elevator pump is running for long stretches is to read customer feedback.

But it relies on the correct vehicle pump being chosen as well. You don’t need to think about an update or a replacement for an extended time when you make the right call.

Check the installation system

The lift pump is installed for most customers without having to enter a garage. It saves a lot of money. But you must take a variety of things into account to do it correctly. First of all, you need a good understanding of the working of lift pumps, their placing, their separate sections, and so on.

Via online research, you can acquire this information quickly. Second, some elevator pumps have all the required equipment, while others need you to buy this equipment separately. You undoubtedly should consider this point during the buying process.

Finally, if you are a fresher you would have great emphasis on the standard of the instruction manual to make your job hassle-free.

Personal demands

A car has some benefits to the lift pump. It enhances things like pressure, torque, and mileage. Any system boosts certain features of a car. The lift pump that you buy should then give your vehicle the appropriate advantage. Therefore, please check carefully the advantages of every lift pump before buying it.

Check the fuel specifications

Not all lift pumps are intended to make it possible to flow all sorts of petrol, just like the output factor. Unwanted components can be distinguished from different types of fuel by filter design. Some of them are designed exclusively for diesel motors, and others are for petrol engines.

Few lift pumps are also compliant with these. Please notice that and ensure that you buy according to the unique needs of your car. The lift pump lifetime would be dramatically decreased if you buy the wrong stuff.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What does a lift pump do for a Duramax?

The elevator pump speeds up the motor job. The Duramax injection system has a stronger gasping response and a higher life expectancy. The pump passes low-pressure fuel to the motor’s injection mechanism. Energy filtering increases repeatedly.

Do I need a lift pump on my Duramax?

The pickup trucks from Chevy Duramax and GMC do NOT have an elevator pump to provide the engine with gasoline. The CP3 injection pump from the factory is the only way to bring fuel from the tank to the generator. For instance, you do not have to lower the tank to mount the device with the Raptor pump kits and Airdog II, FP100.

What is the best lift pump for a Duramax?

There are several superior lift pumps for the Duramax. The lift pumps are the AirDog Raptor lift pump (R3SBD100), PureFlow AirDog lift pumps 4G, AirDog II-4G fuel lift pump, etc.

How much HP does a lift pump add?

A 100 or 95 GPH kit supports 500-600 HP, a 150-165 GPH pump system supports up to 800-900 HPS, and a 200 GPH or longer pump is provided north of 1000 HP with the rest of the Duramax, Cummins, and ’08 latest power stroke kits.

How many miles does Duramax last?

Many credible organizations, such as Diesel Experts Group, believe that the 6.6L Duramax is one of today’s most powerful diesel engines. Providing adequate maintenance, the 350,000-mile mark can easily be met, and some consumers have 400-500,000 miles as usual.

How much does it cost to replace the lift pump on a Duramax?

In general, the cost for a mechanical repair of the fuel pump ranges from 260 to 1009 dollars, and the price depends heavily upon your model of vehicle. The bulk of the costs are in the pieces themselves, although the cost of work is generally very consistent.

Will a lift pump make more power?

The majority of pump companies list higher water separation and increased pressure of supply, but a higher-pressure pump will also boost power in the majority of situations.

How do I know if my diesel lift pump is bad?

There are certain symptoms of a deadlift pump. For no cause, do you notice boost falling? You can see the motor in the upper limit of RPM. On swapping out, you can’t plan a new and fresh fuel filter.

Our Recommended Pick

For getting higher horsepower, you can buy AirDog 150 Gallons per Hour Lift Pump. It will help you to enjoy smooth driving. Moreover, for long-lasting and more efficient service, the AirDog A4SPBD353 Fuel Air Separation Lift Pump will be an excellent selection for you.


I hope you can find the proper lifting pump for your Duramax in this article. An elevator pump will make your vehicle feel fresh again and provide amazing results. Make sure you read carefully the benefits and drawbacks of each model and the things that you can take into consideration when shopping.

The authentic information on the best lift pump for Duramax will help you to get your expected product. Attach and measure your lift pump with due care until you are in a position to mount it. We look forward to your lift pump having the best experience.

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