Top 8 Best Speakers For Road Glide In 2022

Are you a motorcyclist who loves to listen to music while riding the Harley? then it’s time for you to upgrade your bike’s stock speakers. With the best speakers for road glide, you will be able to hear the sweet sounds of your preferred tunes with crystal clarity (and at a very high volume) over the roar of the howl of the wind and indefinable surrounding sounds.

If there is one thing that makes a long ride on the freeway even more enjoyable, it is music. And with upgraded speakers on your motorcycle, you’ll never have trouble hearing your tunes again. In this review guide, we have compiled eight top speaker models based on the input source, wattage, spun quality, waterproof design, and speaker type.

8 Best Harley Road Glide Speakers

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1. Rockford Fosgate Power Harley Street Glide Front Audio Kit


Are you fed up with not hearing your music no matter how high you turn it up? Then you need our 400 watts, front audio kit. With its onboard punch EQ and an 18dB boost at 45Hz and 12dB per octave Butterworth crossover, the TM400X4ad is definitely a brilliant power pack.

The HD9813SG-TKIT comes as a combination of Power Marine 4-channel amplifier and full range coaxial speakers. It’s an ultra-compact amplifier that will blend with the overall design of the bike with its (1.6″ x 4.3″ x 8.3″) dimension.

With their metal finish, the HD9813SG-TKIT looks right at home on the upper fairing speaker locations of your Harley. This is no doubt one of the simplest designed speakers in the market with its plug-and-play installation method.

This kit gives you a professional quality installation without compromising the existing electronics of the bike. The fact that there won’t be a need for any grille assembly, the installation comes even easier than expected. It literally has everything you need to start rocking out while you ride.

Even at 75mph and an ultra-efficient 25mm dome tweeter, we could discover a crisp and clear sound quality even at highway cruising speeds. It features a proprietary Class-AD technology. This technology boosts the output power of the amplifier without taking much toll on the vehicle’s charging system.

In any case, you are not likely to focus on the intricacies of audio while riding on a highway with all the traffic noise. But you don’t hear any annoying sibilance from these motorcycle speakers either. Overall, if you own any Harley-Davidson Street Glide (1998-2013), you should consider yourself lucky.


  • No Drilling or Cutting Required
  • Direct Connect Wiring Harnesses
  • Direct-Fit Speakers with Grilles


  • Aux Cable could be of better quality.

2. Rockford Fosgate Harley Davidson Saddlebag Speaker Audio


Why settle with two speakers when you can have the power of four. The Rockford Fosgate TMS69BL14 speakers come in one such set. What a relief as the TMS69 6″ x9″ speakers are designed in such a way as to work with your existing OEM bag lids.

No more boring highway drive with this unit. It delivers the best sound quality even while you are at a very high speed by overcoming road noise.

The high output mid-range and 25mm high-efficiency tweeter tell more about the sound output you should expect. In conjunction with the tweeter is a full range of 4-Ohm speakers at 100 Watts RMS power, thus adding to the sound quality. 

These speakers are made of durable steel. Besides, the steel is thoughtfully covered with an element that helps protect the system from UV, dust, temperature, and corrosion.

When it comes to installing these speakers, they pose no difficulty. Firstly, you’ll get a user guide in the package that explains in detail how to go about installation. Secondly, the fact that its cutting 2piece mounting system makes it easy to fix onto an existing or new Rockford Fosgate fairing audio kit. The included plug-and-play harness makes the whole process a breeze.

According to the manufacturer, this sound unit is designed to fit Harley Davidson Street Glide (2014+) models and also Harley Davidson Road Glide (2015+) models. If you own a CVO or Screaming Eagle model, you’ll have to modify some parts of the installation process. 

This is because they are not plug-and-play. What’s more, a pair of 6″ x 9″ basket protectors and speaker protectors, direct connect wiring harnesses, and a pair of mounting rings with a sandwich clamping gasket design makes this unit a must-have for your specified vehicle.


  • Steel is though fully covered
  • The system is resistant to UV, dust, temperature, and corrosion.
  • Installation is pretty easy
  • Design works with existing OEM bag lids


  • Some parts need modification if you own a CVO or Screaming Eagle model.

3. Rockford Fosgate Power Street Glide & Road Glide Front Harley Audio


A speaker kit that has everything to get our music going is exactly what we need. Rockford Fosgate Power is one such motorcycle speaker kit. The package can play music from numerous playback sources. 

It is easy to operate with its peripherals. The audio is what we have come to expect from Rockford Fosgate audio. So no surprises there. We shot it straight to the best motorcycle speakers list.

This kit is produced to cut down the stress of audio updates to fit a newer model. The Rockford Fosgate Power will perfectly fit the updated version of the 2014+ Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Since there’s no modification, you’ll definitely find it easy to deal with. This sound kit is aimed at improving on the rumbling sounds that are usually experienced with many other sound kits, especially when at high speed.

Note that you’ll need to flash your factory radio since virtually all the radios in 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson audio systems use a ‘high fidelity” EQ curve. The best bet is to hire an authorized Rockford Fosgate dealer before proceeding with the installation.

The 6.5″ direct fit speakers are made of durable steel. Besides, the steel is thoughtfully covered with elements that help protect the system from UV, dust, temperature, and corrosion. 

This sound system comes with a portable Power Marine 4-channel amplifier which delivers up to 400 watts of sound output. We love the fact that the high sound power does not take much toll on the vehicle’s charging system. Thanks to Class-AD technology.


  • No Drilling or Cutting Required
  • Direct Connect Wiring Harnesses
  • Direct-Fit Speakers with Grilles
  • Delivering the Best in Class Listening Experience


  • None

4. Hogtunes 3572F-AA Gen3 5″ x7″ 2 Ohm Replacement Front Speakers


The Hogtunes 3572F-AA may seem low-key, but its sound production is far away from low quality. As per this product, durability is a core benefit in a case whereby the adapters and grilles are dense. We love the fact that the adaptors perfectly adapt the factory 5.25 inches speakers to 5 inches by 7 inches.

Are you conversant with some speakers who sometimes need a break-in before they are able to produce at an appreciable level? If yes, then you are in luck. The time it’ll take for this unit is invariably immediately. 

Having said that, all that’s left is to go out and play as normal. Since we do not have too many parts to deal with, the installation was quite easier than expected.  

Over time, users complained about their speakers having a small magnet making the bass a little lighter. In this case, the Hogtunes 3572F-AA features an oversized vented magnet which not only boosts the bass production but also controls the heat for added durability.

What’s more, the 2 ohms 5″ x7″ front speakers grilles are meshed with metal and painted to protect from harsh weather conditions and elements. Two ohms conservatively rated at 100 watts RMS power handling.


  • Heat is significantly controlled
  • Speakers are durable
  • Resistant to harsh elements
  • Easy to install


  • Not compatible with CVO models with factory amplifiers installed.

5. Rockford Fosgate HD14-TKIT Front Audio Kit


The HD14-TKIT Harley Davidson Kit is yet another brilliant product from the prestigious vehicle audio system industry. They have continued to lead the vehicle audio revolution with their high-performance sound kit. 

If you are using any product from Rockford Fosgate, then you can attest to the fact that they are all made for speed. Their major aim is to connect road enthusiasts to their machines and music at the same time.

This kit is produced to cut down the stress of audio updates to fit a newer model. The Rockford Fosgate Power will perfectly fit the updated version of the 2014+ Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Since there’s no modification, you’ll definitely find it easy to deal with. This sound kit is aimed at improving on the rumbling sounds that are usually experienced with many other sound kits, especially when at high speed.

This model allows you to ride through the harshest weather without having any fear of the sound system getting adversely affected. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself caught up in the rain without having a choice but to keep riding. This system is made of elements that protects it from corrosion. Besides, it doesn’t get affected by dust and even UV radiation.

The Rockford Fosgate TMS65 has a lot of features that some might take for granted. An example is the frame of the speakers. Take a good look at it from the product’s description. 

Everything, even the grill, is very hard. No scrapes or dent will happen to the speakers with long-time use, which does a good job of keeping out most debris and dust as well. What’s more, the TMS65 unit is a complete sound system you want to consider for your Harley-Davidson Street Glide (2014+) and Road Glide (2015+).


  • So un production is clear
  • The grill is very hard
  • The design fits the updated version
  • Features all necessary hardware


  • None

6. Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG Harley Road Glide Full Range Speaker


The Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG motorcycle speakers are a great-looking pair. These replace the OEM speakers on this unit. TMS6RG 75W RMS 6.5 inches 2 Way Coaxial Speakers for 1998-2013 Harley Davidson bikes, and they bring along a clear and audible audio quality. They are a bit expensive, but the price is worth the audio response and performance.

The Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG motorcycle speakers are covered throughout in black with a speaker grille. The grille can be removed for cleaning. These 6 inches speakers are designed to resist water and temperature. Besides, they are designed to repel dust.

Thanks to the external coating, the speakers are protected from UV radiation. They fit firmly into the panels, minimizing while riding. The pair is rated at 75W RMS, and they come with all the necessary accessories required to fit them.

These bike speakers come with a carbon-reinforced polypropylene cone to face rough roads. A 25mm dome tweeter is mounted over the midrange driver, which is integrated by a 6dB crossover. 

Their impedance is rated at 4 Ohms, with the maximum sensitivity to be 91dB. You don’t need an amplifier to drive them though buying one will definitely boost the audio quality.

The Rockford Fosgate TMS6RG bike speakers turned out to be a real audio beast. They give a really loud sound even without the amplifier. The bass pumps out well and makes the audio sound all-encompassing even on the road. 

The vocals sound clear and crisp, so you can always easily hear the lyrics. The highs are sparkly and add some more energy into the audio output. We love the balanced audio performance for the fact that it never gives a muddy sound.


  • Clear and audible audio
  • Gets very loud
  • Elegant design
  • Very easy to install
  • Weather-resistant


  • Does not fit on all motorcycles

7. Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Power Full Range Fairing/Tour-Pak Speakers


The TMS65 6.5″ full-range coaxial speakers are designed to fit directly in both the fairing or Tour-Pak locations of 2014 and the newer Harley-Davidson BOOM! Audio and BOOM! Audio Stage-I systems.

Featuring a compact Neodymium motor structure driving a co-molded, reinforced polypropylene cone with Santoprene surround. This ensures that you get maximum frequency response and output in both the mid and low-frequency ranges. 

The TMS65 speakers also feature an ultra-efficient 25mm dome tweeter with an integrated phase plug for crisp and clear highs, even at highway cruising speeds.

The TMS65 speakers are water/weather resistant with the addition of a Santoprene front isolation spider connecting between the tweeter housing and cone assembly. This enables the speakers to hold up to the elements while riding, as well as a hose when washing your bike.

No modification is needed as the speaker directly replaces the existing factory speakers using the factory mounting hardware and speaker connectors and comes with new grille assemblies for both fairing and Tour-Pak locations. 

They are featuring 75 Watts RMS/150 Watts MAX of power and an ultra-efficient 25mm dome tweeter with an integrated phase plug for crisp, clear highs even at highway cruising speeds.

Rockford Fosgate TMS65 Sound is acceptable too, pouring out good mids and highs. And most importantly, this doesn’t go away when you’re on the highway. Clipping is almost nonexistent. 

The base could be a tad higher, but it is possible to fix if you have an equalizer preset on the board of your Harley. Regardless, give the TMS65 a try if you care more about the highs than the low frequencies.


  • The mesh grills are very dense and won’t bend under ordinary stresses
  • Clear sound production at highway speeds
  • No clipping when playing music at a high volume
  • Two years warranty


  • Bass levels could be improved.

8. Hogtunes Big RG Ultra Amp and Speaker Kit for Road Glide Models


If you are looking for a low-budget audio unit to invest in, you might want to consider the Hogtunes Big RG Ultra Amp and Speaker Kit. There are many fair-priced audio units that you shouldn’t expect much from. This particular model is an exception. Despite its price tag, you are still sure to get a quality and clear sound output.

This speaker kit comes with a total of 4 speakers. Two-ohm “Hybrid” 5×7 front speakers and 5.25 rear speakers, thus, giving an all-around sound production. You’ll also find an all-new NCA (Not Car Audio) 40.4 amplifier, which comes with a MAXX BASS. 

Maybe you can begin to imagine what quality will come out of these combinations. Each speaker is incorporated with a special type of circuit that makes them sound way bigger than they really are.

You’ll love the fact that the amplifier mounts just firmly on top of the radio inside the fairing. Each amplifier gives a sound output of 40 watts RMS, thus, making a total of 160 watts considering the door amplifiers. 

The fan-cooled amplifier case comes with a “dish” cut into it. This is where the main speedometer/tachometer harness sits. This audio kit is designed in such a way that it blends with the shape of your bike provided it’s a compatible motorcycle.

You’ll find a plug-and-play wire harness in the kitchen, thus ensuring easy use. According to some users, this audio unit is attested to be used friendly in terms of operation and installation. What’s more, the Hogtunes (Big RG Ultra Amp and Speaker Kit are compatible with 2007-2009 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Models.


  • All-round sound production
  • Installation is easy
  • User friendly
  • Compatible with Hogtunes Road Glide tweeter pod


  • Not compatible with all Hogtunes models

Things to Consider Before Buying a Road Glide Speaker

1. Speaker Type

There are basically two types of bike speakers: helmet and handlebar. Decide on which model suits your preference and budget. Your choice should also be determined by the level of safety and comfort you prefer when riding. 

Helmet speakers are user-friendly and give the benefit of hands-free communication. Conversely, handlebar speakers feature a more extensive range of functions and are generally louder.

2. Waterproof Design

Most bike speakers are water-resistant. Nevertheless, we still advise that you confirm that the model you are interested in is really waterproof. Since you will spend much time on the road, you may encounter unforeseen weather conditions, such as rain, ice, and snow. A high-quality speaker comes with a reliable finish that protects it from water and other harsh weather elements.

3. Sound Quality

High-quality bike speakers deliver brilliant sound quality. Note that you will be listening to your most preferred songs with these audio devices. In that case, 

see that the sound production of the speakers is crystal clear. If you want more volume, consider buying a handlebar speaker.

4. Input Sources

Since the speaker can not in any way play audio independently, check the available input sources. Some bike speakers feature head units that have multiple input sources. 

Most of them come with an amplifier for your flash drive, SD card play, AUX input, and Bluetooth connectivity. What’s important is to ensure that your preferred speaker will allow you to play music from your preferred audio device.

5. Wattage

When selecting a bike speaker, you will come across the term RMS. It simply means the amount of power that a speaker can give out. It is measured in watts and directly equates to the quality of audio and volume output. 

The higher the bike speaker’s wattage, the louder the volume will be. If you ride mostly around town, go for a low-wattage speaker to keep a low audio output. Conversely, go for high-wattage speakers for long off-country rides.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to use motorcycle speakers while driving?

Of course, yes. What’s important is that you keep a moderate noise level so that you don’t lose focus on your surroundings amidst traffic.

Do motorcycle speakers have Bluetooth?

Very well. There are many products in the market that even allow you to connect to your cell phone and other devices via Bluetooth technology.

Where do motorcycle speakers get their power?

Some bike speakers can be wired directly to the battery of your bike. However, this isn’t recommended if you don’t have a switch on and off the system in place. It’s best to purchase speakers with a rechargeable battery instead.

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Were you able to find the right speakers for your bike? There are eight shown in our review guide, each featuring qualities that make them a worthy buy. Our buyer’s guide comprises great info to help assist your selection; don’t forget to read it if you are yet to. Remember, the best speakers for road glides should contain more than one considerable feature.

You want something that will fit in your bike and serve for a long time, to which each product described is guaranteed to do. All you have to do now is to decide on the speakers that suit your bike the most, and get ready to ride to the tunes that you’ve always wanted to!

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