How to Install Harley Davidson Swingarm Bag Step by Step

If you are a Harley Davidson user, then you should know about swing arm bags. Well, you may now have a question in your mind about how to install Harley Davidson swing arm bags? So if you read the full article attentively, you will learn the process of installing a Harley Davidson bag in this article.

This bag will support if you want to change gears instantly or carry emergency papers that you may need suddenly. You will need small luggage in which you can also take the exhaust pipe. It will keep the modernity of your motor vehicle and will be convenient in case of emergency.

The Harley brand is the most trusted and reliable brand for motor vehicle accessories. These are expensive but will ensure high-quality products. However, there is a need for some awareness to prolong its products. This article gives you a brief overview of your motorcycle best harley davidson swing arm bag. Hopefully, you will get enough information about its effectiveness, maintenance, installing and more.

What is a swingarm bag?

A Harley Davidson swing arm bag is used to carry any essential documents, licenses or anything like that or any emergency purse of the engine, or any other small thing that you can easily carry in this bag. One of the things you need to do is get used to being a great supporter.

Step by step process of installing Harley Davidson swing arm bag:

You need to know the installation process of the motorcycle properly to ensure your safety. If you don’t have complete skills in it, you can get caught in any serious accident.

Additional parts required: 

This unit is planned to be introduced on independent rider bikes, as it were. However, if the bike is presently prepared to convey a traveler, you should introduce a performance seat. Below are the process of installing a Harley Davidson swing arm bag.


It can be difficult for you if your skills are low. Here is the step by step process, it is highlighted for easy understanding:

  • See Figure
  • Introduce lower mounting section
  • To outline at left side traveler ottoman location.
  • Attach section utilizing lower mounting section screws and washers.
  • Tighten screws to 45-50 ft-lbs (61-68Nm)
  • Install upper mounting section
  • To battery caddy area utilizing recently eliminated screw. Tighten screw to 96-156in-lbs (10.9-17.6 Nm)
  • Wrap P-clip (10) around outline tube with the level side of clasp confronting outward

Tips for maintaining the Harley Davidson swing arm bag:

Cleaning the Harley sacks helps them a great deal in remaining like new for a more extended timeframe. Trendy Harley saddlebags ought to be cleaned appropriately before you hit the streets and after you complete you’re voyaging.

Since a cruiser is an open vehicle, so the packs connected can undoubtedly be filthy as they are very presented to tidy. If you don’t have spotless them appropriately, residue will adhere to the surface, and recently it won’t be easy to be cleaned.

You have to buy some cleaners from the market that will make this bag perfectly clean. There are also some Viking cleaners for the bags. You can verify and buy those that are convenient.

You can use soap as a bag cleaner. However, it has to be bought considering the material of the bag. Soaps that are harmful to the material with which it is made cannot be used.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

What is the quality of this Harley brand?

All the products of this brand are great and of high quality. Its durability is also very long. The quality of this brand bag is perfect. It is made of rugged leather. Remarkable in both size and style and enhances the modernity of the motor.

Is it weather resistance?

Yes, it is entirely weather resistant. Its rugged leather will not do any harm in extreme rain or intense sun. You can use it easily. Its storm flap helps protect it from the weather. Waxed cowhide also protects the inside from moisture and satiety.

What can be carried in a Harley bag?

It can carry many necessary things that you can need at any time in a hurry. Such as sudden gear changes or exhaust pipes. Again, you can carry the emergency papers of the motor like a license in a Harley bag. With some bags, there is the possibility of a water bottle which is more convenient and adds sophistication. It can be called small luggage.

Is it hard to install a Harley bag?

If you are not skilled, it may seem quite difficult for you. It is necessary to go through a few steps to install it. Each step has to be done very subtly. So, you need to be skilled.

If you make a mistake installing, it can be an accident?

Yes, install it carefully. Accidents can happen due to slight mistakes. So, don’t handle it without being fully proficient in it. If this is beyond your reach, call an expert for doing this work. It is safe for both you and your motor vehicle. Otherwise, there may be a risk of death.


So now I hope you have understood the process of how to install Harley Davidson swing arm bags. Harley Davidson is a great, enduring, and reliable brand with high quality. Although it may be a little difficult for you to install and maintain, you will get a long-lasting service if you can do this properly.

It will be easy to maintain if you know some tips and tricks: the more protection, the more durable. Again, it will not be damaged by sun, rain, or storm because it is weather resistant and made of stiff leather and waxed cowhide. Its exclusive design will make your motorcycle more fashionable.

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