How To Ride A Motorcycle Safely – Essential Tips You Must Know

Most people know the process to ride a motorcycle. But a few of them know the safety measures. Every year thousands of people die due to motorcycle accidents. It occurs due to a lack of proper knowledge of safety. So it is very important to know the safe riding process. Are you interested to know how to ride a motorcycle safely?

Then this is a suitable platform for you. You will find details about it.

Some Essential Factors Of How To Ride A Motorcycle Safely:

There are some factors that will ensure a safe journey. You must have proper knowledge about those. These essential factors are:

  1. Maintenance of appropriate dress up
  2. Knowledge about the motorcycle riding strategies
  3. Knowledge about some other criteria

Let’s know the details about these three essential factors.

1. Maintenance Of Appropriate Dress Up

Dress up is a very important factor of safety measures. It will protect your body from injuries. Or it will decrease the severity of injuries.

So you should maintain the dress code during rides. These are:


The helmet is very important to protect your head from injuries. DOT helmets are most appropriate for this. You should choose a helmet suitable for your head.

A full head-covered helmet is perfect for this purpose. If you have any problems during summer, use the ventilated helmet. But never give up the helmet.


Wearing a jacket will protect your body from severe injury. Leather made jacket is perfect for this. Use those jackets which are specific for motorcycles.

Your jacket should also be glassy. It will attract the attention of other drivers.


To protect your legs during an accident try to wear full pants. The leathery pants are perfect for this. It will protect your lower body parts from injuries.

Don’t wear too tight or too loose pants. Both are risky for riding. So wear pants which will be comfortable for riding.

Some leathery pants are designed for hot weather. Those pants have cooling features. So it is not irritating for the summer season.

Gloves and boots

You should wear gloves and boots during riding. It will protect your hands and legs from severe injury. During the summer season, you can use those which are summer-specific.

2. Knowledge About The Motorcycle Riding Strategies

Some strategies must follow during riding. It will make your journey safe. These strategies are:

Choice of an appropriate motorcycle

Firstly you should choose your favorite brand of motorcycle. During selection choose the one which is suitable for you. For this main fact is your riding ability not the brand.

Remain in a safe position

Select the road which is suitable for you. If you are a new rider, try to avoid the highways. Avoid the speed with which you can’t adjust yourself.

You should also be aware of the cars. In most cases, the car driver can’t see the motorcycle. So try to ride on the defense side of roads. Cross the road carefully when there is no vehicle near you.

Follow traffic rules

Always try to follow the traffic rules. It will decrease the chance of accidents. Every year many people die due to breaking off traffic rules.

Even if it is an emergency, don’t break the rules. Always keep in mind that life is more important than anything.

Check the weather before riding

Weather is an important fact for riding. Rainy weather or slippery roads are risky for the rider. Try to avoid riding during this environment.

You can use the lower speed in case of emergency. If you have any alternative option, try to avoid this.

Observation of side mirrors

Side mirrors will help you to observe your backyard place. So try to observe it frequently. Especially during crossing the roads.

Before starting the riding clean the mirrors properly. It will be helpful to avoid accidents.

Maintain a standard speed

Try to maintain a standard, safe speed. As a beginner use the lower speed. Don’t try to use high speed. In many cases, high speed is responsible for accidents.

Never increase the speed to compete with others.

Checking of the motorcycle before riding

It’s a good habit. Checking of overall parts of the motorcycle helps to prevent accidents. Ride the motorcycle within your house before moving to anywhere.

Don’t leave it if there is any problem. Repair the motorcycle immediately to remain safe from accidents.

Appropriate knowledge about riding a motorcycle

A rider must have appropriate knowledge about different parts of the motorcycle. The function of different parts and their proper use must know. Without this knowledge riding the motorcycle is impossible.

And there is a frequent chance of accidents. So try to know the details from an expert person. Or join the training courses for motorcycles.

Try to know your skill and maintain the speed level

You should not ride following others. Firstly try to know your skill level. Then ride the motorcycle according to your skill.

It will be easier and safe for you. Never boost up the speed of competing with others.

Your safety must be the first priority.

Riding flow

You should move towards the flow of other cars. Never try to move adversely to the flow. It’s an important fact of accidents.

Make yourself visible

Wear such color clothes which make yourself visible to others. Mostly the other drivers can’t see the rider and accidents take place.

So wear a dress which will visualize yourself. The color of the dress should be deeper.

3. Knowledge About Some Other Criteria

There is also some other knowledge about some other criteria which you should know and follow.

During sick condition

Don’t try to ride during sick condition. It is risky for you and others. It is quite impossible to follow safety if you are sick.

Maintain suitable environment

In an adverse environment riding a motorcycle is very difficult. It may be extremely cold or heat or others. Try to avoid riding in such conditions.

After taking some medicine

Some medicines have effects on our nervous system. So dizziness is their common side effect. Avoid riding when you take those drugs.

Due to blurring of vision accidents may occur. So before taking those medicines clear about it from the doctor.

After drinking alcohol

Alcohol is responsible for the blurring of vision during riding. Try to avoid it before riding the motor. Or after drinking avoids riding.

Your unconscious condition may be responsible for your death. So try to avoid that bad habit.

Unconscious mind

When you are extremely excited, avoid riding. Both are extremely happy or sad. In most cases, the unconscious mind is responsible for the accident.

So riding should not perform in such situations.

Avoid overloading

Sometimes overloading is a problem of riding. Even it is responsible for accidents.

Take such a weight with which you and your motorcycle is safe.

Try to make other people aware of this.

Keep fast aid in motorcycle

In a motorcycle, the accident occurs frequently. So an individual should keep essential fast aid in the motorcycle. It will help to take immediate treatment if required.

Fast aid will also be helpful to decrease the severity of accidents. You can also take a one-month training on fast aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the helmet mandatory for a motorcycle rider?

Of course, it is mandatory. If there are two riders both of them need to wear it.

It will protect the head from severe injuries.

For this purpose, the full face covering helmet is best. You should also wear other dresses which are essential.

Why do people not prefer motorcycles?

The rate of motorcycle accidents is comparatively higher. The death rate is also higher. People not only like the journey but also their own life.

If the transport media is responsible for one’s death. It’s general to avoid such types of transport media. So people do not prefer motorcycles due to the higher risk.

Is the motorcycle suitable for girls?

Yes. Nowadays the number of female riders is increasing. Females of any age can easily handle it. Moreover, they use motorcycles for their official activities.

So select a good quality motorcycle for yourself. If you have any problems with it, you can take a Scottie. It will be easier for you to ride.

Why should people know the safety measures of motorcycle riding?

Riding a motorcycle is comparatively risky than other driving. Thousands of people die every year because of motorcycle accidents. So to protect yourself from accidents try to follow safety.

The safety measures are beneficial for both riders and others. So try to follow these rules during riding.


Try to follow the rules of how to ride a motorcycle safely. It will help you to get rid of frequent accidents. During riding try to be humorous, kind towards others.

If required you can join a few training to motorcycle riding. Your awareness can save your life and also others. So try to be aware of this and make others aware.

Thus the rate of accidents and death will decrease. I believe that the following tips will be helpful for you.

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