Top 9 Best Air Cleaner for Milwaukee 8 Eight In 2022

The role of an air cleaner cannot be underestimated in the engine, which directly affects the smooth running of the bike. No bike will function properly if its engine is constantly being fed with contaminated air. This is why you need the best air cleaner for Milwaukee 8 on your engine for an enjoyable ride at all times.

After all our research, the Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger ES manages to win the space of our best pick. A brilliant unit you would want to consider for your bike in terms of performance, beauty, simplicity, and ratings. But since it’s not a universal air cleaner, we have compiled nine other high-performing air cleaners you can choose from provided it fits your bike specification.

9 Best Air Cleaner For Milwaukee 8

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best air cleaner for milwaukee 8

Reviews of air cleaner for Milwaukee 8

1. Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner Review

Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner for Harley

Let’s get straight to our best pick out of all the ten reviewed products. The Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger ES managed to hit the record by featuring some improvements which you’ll hardly get with other air cleaners of the same price in the market. In terms of design and performance, it’s absolutely the best.

This air cleaner comes with an integrated electronic servo motor, which is an improvement of the ordinary servo motor that delivers a questionable.

RPM-based butterfly engagement. The Opposite is the case with the integrated version of the servo motor. The design of this air cleaner is simple yet stylish. It features forward-facing “ram air” styled inlets together with modular accessory faceplates, this allowing you to customize it easily.

The overall build of this air cleaner is such that it’ll last longer with its high-quality A380 aluminum coverings. From the CFM rating, you can boldly tell that this cleaner is no doubt a beast with its ability to deliver about 10% more airflow. Besides, it comes with a new internal “stinger” design on the cap so that there is an adequate flow of air into the throttle body.

The Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger ES is compatible with Milwaukee-Eight on Harley-Davidson models:’ 17-’19 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, and Trikes.

What’s more, the Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger ES air cleaner fits just right with Milwaukee-Eight on Harley-Davidson models: 2017-2019 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, as well as Trikes. And fixing’s got easy with the included hardware that allows for easy installation.


  • All necessary hardware is included in the kit
  • It features a set of hex wrenches, bit sockets, an in-lbs (Nm), and also ft-lb torque wrench.
  • It comes with an integrated electronic servo motor
  • Compatible with Harley-Davidson’s Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, Trikes models (2017-2019).


2. Kuryakyn 9376 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner

Kuryakyn 9376 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner

The second one out of the list of the best air cleaners for Milwaukee8 is the Kuryakyn 9376 Hypercharger ES air cleaner. There’s been no much difference between this product and the previously-reviewed products in terms of timeless modern improvement and overall performance. The only reason why this product comes directly under the first product is the fact that this one will only fit into the Harley Davidson Model of 2 years (2018 & 2019).

Just add the previous version, it comes right with an integrated electronic servo motor; this is an improved version of the servo motor that helps to give precise RPM-based butterfly engagement. Talking about its ergonomic design, this air cleaner is totally customizable to suit your preference with its forward-facing “ram air” styled inlets and modular accessory faceplates.

The Kuryakyn 9376 Hypercharger ES is made of high-quality A380 aluminum external covering, thus ensuring its durability. Plus, it features a high flow K&N filter increase in supplies with about 10% more airflow, this answers why it’s got a CFM rating. The cap comes with a new internal “stinger” design, which helps to boost airflow to the carburetor. Overall, the satin black color adds to the overall beauty of your bike.


  • It comes with a hyper charger ES assembly
  • Hardware kits include a set of hex wrenches, a set of hex bit sockets, and in-lbs. (Nm) and an ft-lb torque wrench.
  • It comes in a satin black color
  • Durable A380 aluminum housing


3. Kuryakyn 9359 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner

Kuryakyn Air Cleaner For Milwaukee

The Kuryakyn industry has, for long, been known for its brilliant and satisfactory air cleaner production with its performance of compatible bikes in mind. Their major focus has been to augment the effective running of your bike so that the engine performance is at its peak for a long time. The 9359 Hypercharger ES air cleaner of the Kuryakan is a clear example of the industry’s excellent production.

Kuryakan has simply adopted a timeless classic with modern design to all its air cleaners, so we are not too surprised about the brand’s design. Plus, the RPM-based butterfly engagement now comes more precisely with the integrated electronic servo motor. The overall design of this cleaner is such that it allows for user customization.

Over time, Kuryakn’s Known for delivering durable products. Now, they have improved on delivering a more durable cleaner with the introduction of the A380 aluminum housings.

A little note about the performance is that better than before; this air cleaner can deliver roughly 10% more airflow. Thanks to the internal “stinger” design on the encap, which is the secret to the maximum provision of airlines into the throttle body.

The Kuryakn 9359 air cleaner is sure to deliver the best performance you have been looking for provided you are using the specified type of bike as stipulated by the manufacturer. This version of the Kuryakns will fit well with Milwaukee-Eight on Harley-Davidson models:’ 17-’19 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, and Trikes.


  • Comes with a Hypercharger ES assembly
  • Features a Hardware kit and a breather manifold kit with all necessary parts included. 
  • Installation tools include hex wrenches, a set of hex bit sockets, an in-lbs (Nm), and an ft-lb torque wrench. 
  • It features an integrated electronic servo motor.


4. Kuryakyn 9360 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner for Harley Milwaukee 8

You’ll never know how excellently performing this air cleaner is until you install it. It’s pretty obvious from the clear sound of the exhaust that there’s been no doubt a brilliant addition in the engine chamber. Now you can ride miles without any pressure on your engine.

This invariably means your engine will last for a long time. The Kuryakyn 9360 Hypercharger ES air cleaner can be the best decision you ever made on your engine performance issue. This air cleaner comes with everything your engine needs to be relieved of too much pressure.

The Kuryakn 9360 comes in a satin black color to give the overall appearance of your bike an all-time classic with a modern look. Let’s get down to some of the intriguing features we’ve got about this piece. It comes with an integrated electronic servo motor which simply helps to deliver accurate RPM-based butterfly engagement.

What’s more, the simple design is such that you can easily customize it to suit your preference, thanks to the forward-facing “ram air” styled inlets as well as the modular accessory faceplates.

The Kuryakn 9360 air filter features a breather. It’s a crucial addition that helps to relieve the work of the engine by ensuring the regulation of airflow into the engine. It’s a durable piece to consider with its A380 aluminum housings.


  • It’s got an improved CFM rating
  • Features a K&N filter for enhancement of airflow.
  • Transportation of maximum airflow into the throttle body comes easy with the internal “stinger” design on the encap.
  • Includes a hardware kit, and a breather manifold kit
  • Compatible with Milwaukee-Eight on Harley-Davidson models:’ 17-’19 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, and Trikes.


5. Kuryakyn 9377 Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner

The Kuryakyn 9377 Hypercharger ES cleaner is one of the most popular picks in the market at the moment. It’s no surprise why a whole lot of bikers prefer it, other than the fact that it comes with a beautiful design without giving up its brilliant performance.

The combination of chrome and satin black color distinguishes it from the others from distance. The only snag we have about this product is that its shipping is quite especially compared to their products on this list. However, it’s still worth the performance you’ll get with it.

The overall performance of this air cleaner on your is no different from other Kuyarkn air cleaners we’ve reviewed anyways. Just like the above-discussed products, it features a complete electronic servo motor, which has bailed us out of the previous unreliable RPM-based butterfly engagement.

There’s more to the design than the beauty it’ll add to your entire bike appearance. The design comes simple enough for users to customize it they want. The ram air-styled inlets come with a forward-facing, which allows for attachment of faceplates.

The Kuryakyn 9377 Hypercharger ES is compatible with Milwaukee-Eight on Harley-Davidson models:’ 18-’19 Softail. What’s more, installation won’t take time at all as all the necessary hardware is included in the kit.


  • Made of high-quality A380 aluminum housings.
  • Improved CFM rating with the high flow K&N filter
  • Comes with an internal “stinger” design on the encap to increase airflow to the carburetor
  • It features a hardware kit and a breather manifold kit


6. Kuryakyn 9936 Crusher Maverick Pro Air Cleaner

Crusher Maverick Pro Air Cleaner

The Kuryakyn 9936 Maverick Pro air cleaner has gained a lot of recommendations from different biker enthusiasts for better performance. Over the years, this unit has been proved to deliver an enhanced throttle response and a significant increase in power.

The performance is so obvious that you can feel and hear it sucking. Invariably, you cannot go wrong with this high-flow air filter for Milwaukee 8. Let’s get down to the reasons.

The cleaner delivers enough air to not only come about an increase in horsepower but also increase the overall performance of the engine. The Kuryakyn 9936 Crusher Maverick Pro Air Cleaner comes with a premium forged and machined aluminum build. And a unique integrated crankcase that ensures that there is no need for extra fittings or hoses that makes cleaners look clumsy.

Installation of this air cleaner is a breeze and the procedures are simple to understand the technical difficulty to do so. However, see that you do not overtighten the bolts into the throttle body. However, don’t forget to tune your bike as soon as you’re done with the installation.

The Kuryakyn 9936 Crusher Maverick Pro Air Cleaner will fit perfectly on Milwaukee-Eight for Harley-Davidson models:’ 17-’19 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, Trikes.


  • Features a high-flow K and N washable filter element. 
  • A hardware kit is complete for easy installation.
  • It features a set of wrenches, rackets, and socket sets. 
  • It comes in a premium forged and machined aluminum build


7. Kuryakyn 9935 Crusher Maverick Pro Air Cleaner

Kuryakyn 9935 Crusher Maverick Pro Air Filter Kit for 2017-19 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Motorcycles, Chrome

Do you own the Touring Road King Electra Glide Street Glide Road (2017– 2019) model? This air cleaner has been specifically designed to optimize the engine capacity of both these models effectively. The only snag here is that the 2018-2019 Softails model (114 and 117 engines) needs the support of a bracket, which isn’t included in the kit.

The Kuryakyn 9935 Crusher Maverick Pro Air Cleaner comes with a slightly different design compared to other products we’ve reviewed so far. It features a slim slotted design, which fits just perfectly on your bike, and the chrome color adds to the stylish look of your bike. It’s made of premium forged and machined aluminum housing that helps your air cleaner stand the test of moisture and harsh weather condition.

You’ll discover that the engine chamber looks a lot neater and less clumsy with its simple design. This air cleaner features an integrated crankcase to eliminate the need for extra fittings or hoses.

What’s more, this unit features a high-flow K&N &N Motorcycle air filter, which is incorporated with a brilliant filtration mechanism to further boost the acceleration and horsepower of a bike. Besides, the filter needs no special technique to maintain.


  • Hardware kit comes with High Flow Air Filters (HFAF) for greater power
  • Utilizes a unique patented Breather technology.
  • Comes in a slim slotted design
  • All necessary hardware is included for easy installation
  • It’s covered in chrome color.


8. Incharger Velocity Air Cleaner

Incharger Velocity Air Cleaner for Milwaukee-Eight Harley Davidson, Contrast

Talking of ideal performance as a result of thoughtful construction and production, the Inhaler Velocity air cleaner for motorcycles does not get any better than this. This entire cleaner is a one-piece CNC billet aluminum support backing plate that possesses a well-meshed circumference to disallow the penetration of any contaminants into any part of the engine’s section.

The overall construction of this cleaner has focused on the combustion and airline section to ensure that adequate air is passed for a perfect combination cycle. Besides, this air cleaner gives your exhaust a perfect sound, which adds to the overall effectiveness of your bike.

The top-notch aluminum housing guarantees a longer time of usage without any fear of corrosion or rust. Also, the In changer Velocity air pressure comes with its customized Breather technology to keep your engine ever functioning under any weather condition.

The most intriguing part is that all the necessary hardware to install this product is included in the kit along with a comprehensive installation guide on the instruction panel. That is to say, you won’t have to spend additional money on purchasing equipment; neither will you have to spend too much time fixing it up – simply follow the procedures.

Whether you are planning to embark on short trips to the mall or longer trips across other states, this air filter ensures that you drive safely without any reason to worry concerning the condition of your engine.


  • High-flow performance air filter included
  • All required bolts and gaskets included
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum, anodized for a superb finish
  • Installation is made easy with its complete hardware kit

9. Rinehart Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner Chrome

Some people love the stock look of the air intake for Milwaukee 8, but almost all of them are disappointed in its performance. The Rinehart Moto Series Inverted Cleaner solves the dilemma perfectly. It lets you use the stock air cleaner cover! What about its performance? Without a doubt, it sucks more air; therefore, it gives your engine increased power.

It comes with a fully forged aluminum housing which keeps all intense hardware safe from contact with contaminants. If your engine sounds dull, then you need this air cleaner to give it a wake-up.

This air cleaner gives users the opportunity to add to their racing style with the forged aluminum housing, which is very lightweight. Besides, it allows you to go just anywhere, even under any weather without any side effects. The overall build is made to resist water and harsh conditions, thus stabilizing the performance of the engine.

Overall, if you desire a reliable air cleaner that flows better than the stock filter, this product is for you. The air cleaner for Milwaukee 8 performs and sounds great, and it’s a must-to-have addition so that your engine can regain its true power. The feel is real, and you can definitely hear its sucking air.


  • Highly-efficient hidden breather and virtually closed-loop system.
  • Inverted, pleated top and sides maximize airflow from all angles-not just the sides.
  • The forged aluminum machined cover protects the filter element and adds a distinct Rinehart Racing style to your ride.
  • The synthetic water-resistant washable filter element eliminates the need for a rain sock or oil.
  • Fits Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Motorcycles.

Buyer’s Guide of Air Cleaner for Milwaukee Eight

When looking to buy an air cleaner for your Milwaukee 8 engine, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. The most important of these is the size of the air cleaner. You need to make sure that the air cleaner you choose is the right size for your engine. If it is too small, it will not be able to do its job properly. If it is too large, it will not fit in the space available and may not be as effective.

You should also consider the type of air cleaner you are looking for. There are two main types of air cleaners: mechanical and washable. Mechanical air cleaners use a filter to clean the air before it enters the engine. Washable air cleaners can be cleaned and reused.

The final factor you need to consider is the price. Air cleaners come in a wide range of prices, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget. However, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. If you want a highquality air cleaner that will last for a long time, you may need to spend a bit more money.

1. Type of Air Cleaner

The first thing you gave to consider is the type of filter you want to use. Basically, there are three major types of filters in the market with their different performance level and price. However, your choice at the end of the day will be determined on your budget and how well you want it to function on your bike.

We have the paper type, which is less expensive and lasts for a short while since it a use-and throw-away unit. Another is the foam type, which is a bit more expensive than the previous one. It lasts longer than the previous one since it can be maintained and replaced if need be. The third, which is the cotton foam type, is the costliest of all, can outlast the engine itself.

2. HEPA Size

The full HEPA is- High-Efficiency Particulate Air. Before you think of buying any air cleaner for your bike, you have to check the HEPA size, which determines how effective the air filter will be able to eliminate allergens such as plastics, metallic shards, and any other particles up to 0.3 microns. Your engine will be severely frustrated to receive contaminated air for combustion, so you must ensure to take on this feature before you go ahead.

3. Check CADR ratings

Another important factor you must put into consideration the air cleaner CADR rating. This rating defines the level of purity of the air that’s been transferred to the throttle body, especially when the bike has attained its maximum speed. Invariably, this rating depicts the ability of the cleaner to repel foreign particles as much as possible.

4. Bike Model

The model of your bike will determine which filter is best to buy. Since there are no universal air cleaners, you will have to check the manufacturer’s specifications and compare it with the air cleaner to know if it’s the right one to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Air Cleaners Universal?

Of course, not. There’s no one-size-fit-it-all bike air cleaner. The best air filter will be the model that fits your bike’s manufacturer’s specifications.

How often should I clean my bike’s air cleaner?

The type of air filter, and how often you use your bike will determine your maintenance routine. The moment you start noticing some slight changes in how your engine performs (sound), don’t hesitate to take your filter up for maintenance.

What type of oil is best for motorcycle air filters?

The best oil solution in terms of impact on performance is foam filter oil. It comes with impenetrable properties that resist dirt and dust from the cleaner.

What are the three types of air filters?

The three types of air filters are the paper type, the foam type, and the cotton foam type.

What is the HEPA size?

The HEPA size is the size of the filter in microns.

What is the CADR rating?

The CADR rating is the rating that determines how effective the air filter is at repelling foreign particles.


Without any further ado, the best performance you’ll get from your bike engine is dependent on the condition of the air cleaner. Your engine needs a pure and adequate flow of air for combustion, and this cannot take place without the contribution of an air cleaner. This is why you have to take your while looking for the best air cleaner for Milwaukee 8, which you can easily clean and maintain.

The air cleaners we have reviewed so far are sure to give you the best of performance provided it matches with your bike specification. Plus, they have all the necessary hardware needed for easy installation and have been confirmed by users that they are highly effective in performance and will be a beautiful addition to your bike.


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