Top 9 Best Air Cleaner for Sportster 1200 In 2022

A whole lot of bikers attest to the fact that air cleaners play a significant role in overall bike performance, thus ensuring that they receive adequate and cleaner air for combustion. We know how confusing it can be when it comes to looking for the best air cleaner for our bikes as there are a lot of them in the market. 

That’s why we have narrowed down our search to come up with the nine best air cleaners for Sportster 1200, having put a lot of crucial features into consideration.

All the reviewed products we have in this guide feature high performance, reusability, brilliant design, compatibility, and durability. All you have to do now is to check which is compatible with your bike in terms of the manufacturer’s specifications. Mind you, any of these products can be the best for your engine performance if you can simply take your time to read through carefully.

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9 Best Air Cleaner for Sportster 1200

1. Air Cleaner Intake Filter Kit CNC


The first and most brilliant product, according to our findings, is the NT version of the Air cleaner intake filter Kit. Everything about this cleaner is designed to deliver the best performance you can ever imagine.

Now, your engine will perform more effectively without any pressure to give a very smooth ride at all times. The brand-new air cleaner comes with a black housing color with an anodized surface, which makes it blend with virtually every compatible bike.

Dodging the bike from all sorts of dirt is inevitable, which affects the air filter in a way as to corrode or contaminate the air.  However, this cleaner comes with a billet aluminum face-plate that helps stand the test of moisture and harsh conditions.

Plus, it comes with internal breathing passages, which makes installation easy.  This internal breathing system is such that there won’t be any hose, oil-catchers, as well as brackets to deal with during installation.

The best way to attract to the fact that an air cleaner will last longer is if it can be washed and reused. This air cleaner is a brilliant unit that’s worth the cash as you can use it for a longer time provided you properly maintain it.

It only demands a simple wash and allows it to dry before installing it again. As long as you remember to re-oil the necessary parts, then this air cleaner is sure to serve you better and longer.


  • Compatible with both carburetor and fuel injected models. Backed by the figure machine’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Fit Both Carburetor and Fuel-injected models
  • Fit for Harley sportster XL 883 XL1200 2004-2015

2. Turbine Spike Air Cleaner for Harley Sportster 1200 – Iron-883


If you are looking for the best help for your Harley XL Sportster (1991-2019), then you should consider the Although it’s not a universal air cleaner that can fit into all types of bike engines, it’s the best addition you’re to consider with your Harley XL Sportster.

It comes in the same color as found on Amazon (satin black), and its round shape is such that’ll add to your bike’s overall stylish look.

The best investment in an air cleaner is the type that’s durable and does not get affected by moisture. This air cleaner comes with all the necessary features that make sure that contaminants are repelled and resistant to moisture.

With these, you can be rest assured even if you plan on taking your bike on a long trip where you definitely go under different weather conditions and terrains.

It comes with an exposed filter design such that it will boost the rate of airflow into the carburetor. Besides, the backing plate is another intriguing feature that adds to the smooth flow of air into the throttle body.

Overall, the Turbine Spike Air Cleaner is a quality-build, durable, and high-performing air cleaner to consider if it matches your bike specification.


  • Comes with a built-in internal crankcase breather
  • Kit includes a high-volume air filter
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Satin black housing

3. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Intake


If there’s one thing that got us attracted to the Vance & Ines VO2 air cleaner, it’s the fact that it looks pretty simple on the outside. No external additions that’d have made it look clumsy. All the necessary features needed for effective performance are built inside the cleaner.

This way, your bike’s engine chamber won’t look as well to work on. With that, the installation will be a lot easier since there are not too many parts to deal with.

The VO2 Naked air cleaner comes with a high-flow filter that comprises washable elements. We can easily assume that it’s made of durable parts, which are highly resistant to moisture, thus ensuring that it serves longer.

You’ll find a large inlet backing plate as well as a billet dual-port venturi, which helps to suck more air in the motor, thus producing more power for the bike.

With this air cleaner, it’s easy to maintain the stock look of your bike as it can serve as a great replacement kit for use with your stock air cleaner cover.

What’s more, it’s a naked air cleaner, but if you choose to add a cover, you can add one of the VO2 Skullcap covers. It’s anywhere in the market.


  • Uses a sleek dual-port venturi machined from billet aluminum
  • It comes with a high-flow washable filter element
  • The VO2 Naked can be used with no cover
  • Compatible with one of the many optional VO2 Skullcap covers, but sold separately

4. Motorcycle Air Cleaner Black Turbine Spike Air Filter


You can’t get the best addition for your Harley Sportster Iron 883 XL883 XL1200 48 72 1991-2019 if it’s not the Motorcycle Air Cleaner Black Turbine Spike Air Filter.

Let me start by saying all the components of this air cleaner had been designed to give this version of the bike the best of performances. Now, your engine is relieved to deliver smoothly and attain that high speed without any pressure on the integral parts of the engine.

The brand-new air filter comes in a combination of black and chrome housing colors. It’s a portably designed cleaner to fit into the right chamber. Although installing this cleaner is pretty, it might seem somewhat difficult and a novice since there are no included installation instructions to follow.

The CNC billet aluminum new build material for air cleaners which is not only durable but also lightweight and resistant to water or moisture.

With the Sportster air cleaner, you can easily view the nature of the internal intake components in case of repair or maintenance. The best part is that it features the K&N Air Filter, which is known to be one of the best filters for maximum airflow into the throttle body.


  • The backing plate promotes smooth airflow into the carb/throttle body
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Matching Clarity Derby Cover and Timing/Cam Cover available.
  • The Air Cleaner Intake Filter is compatible with Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 XL 883 1200 48 72 1991-2019.

5. Motorcycle Turbine Air Cleaner Intake Filter


It might be difficult to accept, but changing to this air filter will, in no doubt, boost the response your bike has when accelerating. You’ll observe a significant increase in how fast your bike can gain speed.

The air filter is going to boost the total amount of horsepower your engine packs. With this unit, you’ll definitely gain a tangible increase in performance and power once this filter is properly installed.

It comes with an exposed filter, which literally enhances airflow compared with an enclosed type. This air cleaner features a pretty simple design that won’t stress you much to take on. And the overall simple blue design will add to your bike’s complete aggressive look.

The Motorcycle Turbine Air Cleaner Intake Filter is covered with a sturdy billet aluminum which guarantees a longer time of use. You’ll find a backing plate that supports the maximum transportation of air into the throttle body. 

This is a durable filter that is made to be cleaned and then re-used instead of being thrown away and replaced with a new one all the time.


  • Kit Includes a Pcs Air Cleaner Intake Filter with Accessories
  • Compatible with Harley: Sportster XL 883 XL 1200 (2007 – 2018)
  • Features a strong billet aluminum
  • Air is transported maximally with its backing plate

6. XKH- Replacement of Black Skull Grille Air Cleaner


One thing we love the most about the XKH air cleaner is its filtration system. It is designed to enhance the look of the Harley Davidson 2007-later XL Sportster 1200 Nightster 883 XL883 Low XL1200L Seventy-Two Forty-Eight. Besides, it’s a great replacement for the Black Skull Grille air cleaner. It comes with a cover with a mirror chrome finish that dresses up your bike nicely.

The filter can be washed, which makes it reusable. As soon as the filter starts to get dirty, do not hesitate to remove it and cleanse it before installing it back on the bike. This will maybe be the very last air filter that you would have to consider for your Harley. It will not only save you the money on filter purchases but also save you the time spent on replacing the filter system.

This filter will, in no doubt, increase your carburetor response time; this way, your bike will be able to gain more speed than it ever has before. The overall look of this filter is aggressive, and the performance is intriguing.

This race-inspired air cleaner is built to flow through the circumference and the face of the air filter, thus giving high volumes of seamless airflow to the engine.

The filter system can be easily replaced, re-installed, and even the mechanically novice riders attested to the fact that it’ll only take them about an hour using basic mechanics tools to install it.


  • Includes air cleaner trim, one-piece cast plate,
  • High-flow washable air filter element
  • Kit includes all the necessary hardware
  • The filter is re-usable – simple wash, dry, and re-oil
  • Compatible with ’07-later XL models with Original Equipment throttle body.

7. K&N Air Intake System: Air Cleaner Kit


K&N Air Intake system air cleaner is another high-performing filtration system for your Harley-Davidson Touring, Softail, Twin-Cam, and Sportster motorcycle models.

This cleaner gives your carburetor maximum airflow for the smooth running of the engine by replacing the restrictive stock OE air cleaner with the K&N High-Flow Air Filter system.

I bet this may be the last air filter you will ever want to consider for your bike engine. The filter in this air cleaner is a lifetime filter-designed unit that can be washed and reused. In fact, it allows you to blow the filter out from time to time with your air hose.

You can choose to remove and wash this filter when you feel it’s needed, especially when your engine starts sounding strange.  Rinse it with clean water, and then allow it to dry before installing it back on your bike.

This air cleaner will not only save you from the difficulty of replacing air filters. This filtration system will also boost the power of your bike by as much as 8.57 horsepower when the bike is operating at 5533 RPM. More power means more speed and more agility.

The noticeable improvement in how the engine sounds and the fact that it’s easy to install makes it one of the best picks in the market. These K&N air intakes are street legal in most states. They are not legal for use in California and other states adopting California emission standards.


  • Estimated horsepower gain of 8.57 HP at 5533 RPM
  • Designed to improve throttle response and engine sound
  • Easy to install, usually in 90 minutes or less
  • Washable and reusable lifetime air filter
  • Not legal for highway use in states adopting California emission regulations

8. HTTMT MT227B- Bullet Air Cleaner Filter Kits


The last product on our list of the best cleaner for Sportster 1200 is the HTTTMT MT227B Bullet air cleaner, but not actually the least in performance. This cleaner is no doubt the best addition you can ever get for your Harley Davidson CV & SS Carburetors. One good thing about this unit is that it is designed in a way to fit most custom applications.

The brand new HTTMT air cleaner comes in a high-quality Billet Aluminum housing, which is covered in chrome color with a red filter. This combination of color gives the entire cleaner and aggressive look, which adds to the stylish look of the bike as well. Now, you won’t have to worry over hardware getting stained unnecessarily as it features a 360-degree slotted spike cover.

It’s a washable filter that guarantees a long time of use. The only issue anyone could encounter with this cleaner is the installation process, which demands some level of carefulness.

The best bet is to hire a professional to avoid gross mistakes. Mind you, since re-Jetting of your motorcycle must be done after installation, don’t be tempted to take it up all on yourself.


  • The overall look is Aggressive with the combination of chrome and red color
  • 360 Degree Slotted Spike Cover
  • Generic Brand Filter can be replaced with a K&N (KN-SP3301)
  • High-Quality Chrome Billet Aluminum

best air cleaner for Sportster 1200

9. Three T Motorcycle Air Filter

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The three T motorcycle air filter is another high-quality filtration system that will deliver a precise amount of air to your bike, thus increasing its acceleration and performance.

Your bike needs that clean air to be able to perform at its best, and you will immediately feel the improved performance when you replace your old stock air filter with this new air cleaner.

The filter element is sure to last longer as it is washable. This way, you won’t have to replace any filters for some years to come. Invariably, you are saving more money than you would with the old stock air filter.

If you are an observant biker, you’ll easily observe that your bike tends to respond faster and accelerates in a shorter amount of time as soon as you install this cleaner.

I bet you’ll be shocked at the significant differences you’ll gain after changing to this air filtration in terms of bike speed and overall performance.


  • Compatible with 2007-2019 Harley Davidson Sportster XL883 48 XL883L.
  • Features chrome-plated aluminum fins with durable ABS base
  • Quick installation in minutes gives you plenty of riding time
  • Exposed filter design that enhances airflow.
  • Built-in internal crankcase breathers
  • The backing plate promotes smooth airflow into the carburetor/throttle body

Buyer’s Guide for Sportster 1200 Air Cleaner

1. Its Legality

This is a very crucial factor that must be considered before you go ahead to purchase any air cleaner for your bike.  Check to see that the cleaner you are about to buy is legal to install on your bike. The emission laws of some states. For example, California limits the air cleaners that you can use on your bike.

2. Compatibility

Air cleaners are not universal, so they are expected to fit into all types of bikes. Having known that, it’s important that you first check the specification on your bike and narrow down your search on this information. This is because each bike comes with a slightly different operating system. To get the best out of your bike, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications before placing an order.

3. Is filter reusable?

One of the core selling points for most air filtration systems is if their filters can be washed and used again. These types of filters are considered lifetime filter elements as they are reused after maintenance. Many times, these filters only demand maintenance after five to six years of use.

4. Installation process

An air cleaner that’s difficult to install may cost you extra cash to hire a professional or insurance the quality time should have been spent on other important things. In most cases, simple-designed air cleaners are easy to install. This is because you have less external hardware to deal with.  Before buying any filtration system, do check the installation requirements and the hardware before making any decision.

5. Quality of components

You wouldn’t want to consider an air cleaner that’s not long-lasting. It can be exhausting and time-consuming. You want an air cleaner that features components made of aluminum or stainless steel. Virtually all our reviewed units are made of billet aluminum, which is even lighter and resists corrosion than ordinary aluminum.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I know when I’m supposed to clean up my air cleaner?

If you are very observant, you notice when your engine is sounding somewhat strange, at this time, you need to look into cleaning your air filtration system.

How does water not get into motorcycle air filters?

They are designed in a way that they repel moisture and any excessive debris. This takes place by monitoring the little particles that pass through its ventilation system, gating any noticeable materials.

How often should I clean my bike’s air cleaner?

The type of air cleaner, and how often you use your bike will determine your maintenance routine. Averagely, a quality air cleaner will only demand cleaning after five to six years of use.

Do I need to cover a naked air cleaner?

Not necessarily. Some air cleaners are designed naked, and they are proved to deliver more air than the covered type. Mind you; some manufacturers still specify the type of cover to use if you wish to cover your air cleaner.



The best air cleaner for Sportster 1200 can make your motorcycle run smoothly as though it’s a new bike. The enhanced flow of air from these air cleaners boosts the acceleration speed of your bikes provided it is compatible. What’s more, the overall performance of the engine, as well as the sound, will be positively affected.

In a nutshell, a quality air cleaner is sure to economize your fuel consumption and also add to your bike’s stylish look at the end of the day. What’s important is that you look closely at the necessary requirements of the new air cleaners to ensure that your bike is compatible with them.

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