Best Cam for M8 114 Reviews In 2022

Do you feel a sewing machine-like sound with your M8 114? So, you need not be worried about it. We have provided the best Cam for M8 114 for you! A superior Cam will help you to get optimum performance and longevity with its upgraded features.

Furthermore, the device increases the horsepower and torque of the engine. A new and fresh Cam will also provide you with the punch you have desired with an average boost of 30 percent torque.

Therefore, upgrade or replace the Cam in your M8 114 and enjoy smooth driving for the long journey. To know the detailed properties of the Cam, go through our article!

Best Cam for M8 114 Reviews

We have discussed the excellent Cam for M8 in our article. Look at the following article.

1. Comp Cams Milwaukee Eight Camshaft – Greater horsepower


Comp Cams are the best Camshaft for Milwaukee 8. This device creates large horsepower to the M8 engine. This component with a great performance intake system and exhaust will produce 125 HP over output. This Cam is 100 percent new and constructed in America.

It has 1.83 pounds weight, its dimensions are 5.9×4×3.85 inches and the model number is 307-102-9. The exterior portion of the material is machined constructed and consists of super upgraded technology. Furthermore, the OEM part number of the device is N.

Wide Compatibility

This Cam has broad adjustability. This item is for Harley Davidson Milwaukee 8 Mega 8 234/240 hydraulic roller Camshaft. This Cam for M8 highly fits for 114CI. You will mount this Cam in 114CI very easily and in short times. The product can rotate 103˚ lobe separation angle with 234/240 duration at .053 inches. Moreover, it contains 0.472/0.472 inches valve lift.

Greater Composition Materials

The composition materials of the Cam are very high quality. As a result, the item supplies a very long-lasting service to your M8. Besides, the composition makes the Cam corrosion and rust-free. On top of that, the product’s construction supplies extensive power or torque to your M8.


  • Greater warranty
  • High-quality materials
  • Longevity
  • Rust free


  • Delay customer response

2. TTS 133-5022 200 Camshaft for M8 – Smooth power


This Camshaft is constructed to supply a seamless power supply through the engines. This item is crafted with updated pistons and heads for Milwaukee Eight Camshaft. It is highly suitable with 2018 FLFBS Fat Boy 114, 2018 FLFB Fat Boy 107, 2018 FLDE Deluxe 107 Harley Davidson, and so on.

This TTS model has 1.84 pounds weight, dimensions are 4×3×2 inches and the model number of the Cam is 133-5022. You must check the accurate size of the Camshaft according to your M8 design and versions. Furthermore, the device is free from contamination.

Large RPM Range

You can choose a Camshaft that optimizes the power and torque in the RPM line you need without losing other places’ output. The RPM of the device will be highly increased by almost 1800-5500 RPM. Furthermore, this material is great for stage IV or III kits.

Higher Guarantee 

You will enjoy a better warranty on this Camshaft system. Amazon is a reliable and authentic source for buying this Camshaft for your m8. Amazon also provides an excellent return policy on these Cams.

On top of that, this Camshaft for M8 is very budget-friendly. All the necessary equipment is supplied for mounting this Cam in the M8 engine.


  • Cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly
  • Highly functional
  • Long-lasting


  • Not for compression over 11.0:1

How Do I Choose a Camshaft?

The information of the Milwaukee 8 Cam review will help you to know the unique features of the products. Now the thing is; how will you buy a Camshaft? There are some factors you need to consider when buying a Camshaft. Let’s know it.

Check the Intake Opening System

One way to consider the motor is to keep flowing from the intake of air and gasoline, combustion, and eventually exhaust. Improving or developing flow at all stages of the process enhances and improves the efficiency of the engines. During the start-up process, you carry air into the chamber of combustion so you may need a high-efficiency air filter that allows air to flow more efficiently to get the maximum performance out of your motor.

Check the Intake Closing System

The point of intake closure has a stronger impact than any other closing and opening point on the motor activity characteristics. The quicker it happens, the higher the cranking pressure. Early startup closure is essential for low-end torque and offers an extensive power curve. It also decreases emissions of exhaust and increases fuel savings.

As the Cam supports the intake closing system, you need to check Cam whether it properly works or not.

Check the Exhaust Opening System

In general, all of the 4 doors of closing and opening have the least impact on engine output. The exhaust valve must be opened early enough to allow enough time to adequately scrape the cell, as cylinder pressure is bleeding from the combustion which is used to force the piston back.

Early opening of the exhaust valve could lead to the scavenging of high-rpm motors since the usefulness pressure of the engine would be used when the piston exceeds 90˚ before BDC. Stock Cam helps to open the exhaust valve system.

Check the Exhaust Closing System

The late closure of the exhaust valve is equivalent to the opening of the exhaust supply too early, leading to increased overlap, which may either reset the intake or hold the intake compound off the exhaust appropriately.

On the contrary, late closing activities will support purge gases from the chamber of combustion and supply more vacuum signals for consumption during high-duty cycles. Early valve closure produces a cleaner motor.

Check the Lobe Centerline

Lines from the lobe center give you a decent view of the advancement or retardation of a Cam in comparison to the tor dead center. The cam of Harley profiles usually has a 98-108 degree intake centerline. The 98 intake centerline is the most modern device which provides greater torque. In the upper rpm, a 108 centerline gives power.

Check the Lobe Separation Angle

Lobe separation implies the angle between the intake lobe’s middle hump and the exhaust lobe’s equivalent. Think of it as the 2 dots of a pair of scissors about the central hinge. If you almost close the scissors, you will be able to cut them well when you make them so thin.

You are open to cutting dense stuff, but you have less control so it’s difficult to do so. The same idea applies to cam lobes isolation. The lobe spacing usually goes between 108 and 97 degrees for street Cams. The relationship of intake to exhaust can be adjusted in the Cam and the final came period cannot be altered or postponed.

Frequent Ask Questions

What does Camshaft do?

The Camshaft spins along with the crankshaft of a vehicle. In an operation that has taken place several thousand times, the service carries out a service that entails a combination of air and gasoline in and out of containers. The Camshaft has stellar oblong lobes attached to it, one per valve.

What is the best Camshaft brand?

We have discussed the best Milwaukee 8 Cam review in our article. The best products are TTS and Comp Cam which will provide you with superior performance.

How much is a new Camshaft for Harley Davidson?

The average cost for restoring the Camshaft is between $3000 and $1500 for a redesign of the whole Camshaft when the high cost of labor and the severity of the component is to be included.

How do I know if my Camshaft is bad?

The car would not go as it did in the past. If your car idles approximately, sometimes slows, has decreased engine power, sometimes stumbles, reduces gas flow, or travels slowly, all indicators are that the Camshaft sensor could malfunction.

Is a Camshaft expensive to fix?

The Camshaft guides the flight of your motor. It would not normally be broken if you don’t ignore the repairs and oil adjustments and let the valves dusty and grim. A Camshaft repair is exceptionally hard-working so it costs between $1500-3000.

How hard is it to replace the Camshaft?

It’s a front Cam. Not too tough, water pump, timing chain, valve cover, etc. would need to be removed. This isn’t too complicated, just check that you have it spec right while the timing chain/belt is set up.

What does a bad Camshaft sound like?

Some signs of a weak Camshaft are as follows: popping and backfiring. A malfunctioning cylinder works at both high and low rpm. The noise from the valve is a loud clicking.

How long does it take to replace the Camshaft?

In most cases, it does not take more than one day to fix.

Does the Camshaft make noise?

Part of the tick sounds some from the top of the mots with a Camshaft; worn Camshaft lobes are typical triggers of upper motors. The crankshaft is positioned with deeper knock-on sounds from below.

How much does a Camshaft cost to replace?

The price of repairing a Camshaft vessel ranges from $1500 to $3000 for job and component costs. The engine repair shouldn’t be ignored, and oil adjustments won’t destroy the Camshaft.

Can you drive with a bad Camshaft?

If the Camshaft ignition sensor has trouble, your car won’t crash automatically. You also can ride without, but over time your vehicle’s efficiency will deteriorate.

Our Recommended Pick

If you want to drive smoothly and want to get high rpm, TTS 133-5022 200 Camshafts will be a great selection for you. For higher torque and horsepower, you can purchase a Comp Cam for your M8.


Every superior Cam for M8 will supply you with the best performance. We are here for you to provide the best Cam for M8 114. You will get an excellent guarantee on this Camshaft and enjoy very long-lasting materials.

Our main target is to provide an accurate and 100 percent legal Camshaft to our consumers. You can buy your desired Cam confidently for your M8 114. Therefore, choose the right Cam and get a reliable and highly functional Camshaft.

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