Top 5 Best Exhaust for CRF150F and CRF230F in 2022

Are you upgrading your Honda? Or looking for better service on your racing bike muffler pipe? Then you have come to the right place. I have written here about 5 Best exhausts for crf150f and crf230f. Is it true that you are ready to transform your small bike into a bike that will look like a big bike while riding the trail? The higher your mood, the more caring you should become and the more habits you will become. So I came up with some new features to upgrade your Honda bike. You can upgrade your bike by knowing these features. So keep reading to learn more details about these features.

CRF150F & CRF230F Exhaust List

Best for CRF150F & CRF230F: RACING Motorcycle exhaust Muffler Pipe Full System

“Decorate bike into a stunning, attractive design”

Best Budget-Friendly Exhaust: STONEMAN Full Exhaust Muffler System Slip-On For Honda

“It is affordable, transforms your exhaust system’s look, no need to expense a complete custom motorcycle exhaust system”

Best overall: NICECNC Titanium Slip-On Full Muffler Exhaust

“High quality, 100% brand new parts, easy to set up”

Best and Essential for Upgrading Your Honda: Full Slip-On Exhaust Muffler

“Top performance and overall weight loss, fully qualified product”

Best for Maintaining High Quality: Motorcycle Slip-On Full Exhaust Muffler System

“Provide long, convenient service, Best for CRF230F”

Reviews of Honda CRF150F CRF230F Exhaust

Best for CRF150F & CRF230F:  RACING Motorcycle exhaust Muffler Pipe Full System


Finishing the Performance Exhaust bundle for your Honda, the JFG RACING rivalry tempered steel exhaust header is a high-stream, more considerable distance across exhaust header that is perceived worldwide for its excellent title and execution.

This model bike is 100% Brand new for racing bikes. On the other hand, its overall performance has been excellent, which is acceptable. It also has a dual exhaust system and force execution with 2-5 Hp.


  • 100% Brand New and Never Mounted
  • Fit for CRF150F CRF230F 2003-2013 Motocross
  • Decreasing Overall Weight For Top Performance
  • The pipe is made of 304 tempered steel, and the muffler is made of 6061-T6 AluminumAluminum
  • Value Is For A Complete Dual Muffler Exhaust System
  • Increment the force execution with 2-5 Hp
  • Proficient Installation Recommended
  • Dimension: 19.8*7.76*5.16 inches
  • Weight: 6.18 pounds


  • High Quality
  • Good looking and attractive design
  • Three months guarantee and warranty
  • Heatshield fits perfect


  • Warranty is not enough

Why choose it:

All fumes headers are designed to fit and perform solely with JFG RACING Exhausts. While they may provide different applications, including processing plant OEM applications, we can’t ensure the attack of our exhaust with some other exhaust brand.

Best Budget-Friendly Exhaust: STONEMAN Full Exhaust Muffler System Slip-On For Honda

exhaust-muffler system-slip-on for-crf150f-crf230f

Titanium bike complete exhaust framework for BMW R Nine T Scrambler titanium downpipes exhaust pipe silencer. Bulls Motor is a natural plant with 17 years of fabricating experience for Motorcycle exhaust mufflers. Products include a Full exhaust framework for Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Honda. Widespread exhaust suppressor: Aluminum composite muffler, Carbon fiber muffler, steel muffler, Titanium suppressor.

Racing This bike has excellent specifications that will enhance your taste. Titanium is the color picture of this pipe, which is no different. It is made of: an aluminum muffler and stainless steel pipe, which will not rust even if waterfalls on your pipe, will keep its brand new. Moreover, the length of the muffler is 430 mm, and its connecting diameter is 38 mm.


  • Fitment 2003-2013 CRF230F 2003-2013 CRF150F
  • Reduce overall weight for top performance
  • It is made of 304 stainless steel
  • The muffler is made of 6060-T6 AluminumAluminum.
  • Increase to 2-5 hp
  • 100% Brand New and Never Mounted with high quality


  • Guarantee and warranty for three months
  • Modern design and quality full
  • Sounds good.
  • Easy to install
  • I will give you a custom look.


  • Installation not Included

Why choose it:

Honda CRF150F CRF230F 2003-2013 Titanium provides excellent service. It is made in the USA. It will speed up your racing more. Muffler Length 430mm and Connection Diameter 38mm make your bike look modern.

Best overall: NICECNC Titanica Slip-On Full Muffler Exhaust


NICECNC Titanium Slip-On Full Muffler Exhaust System is suitable for Honda CRF15F 2003-2016 CRF230F 2003-2016. These parts also recommend 125cc-1200cc any type motorcycles or scooters like racing, sport. This pipe system is widely used.

Make a size measurement to buy and understand the fitment to make it perfect for your bike or motor vehicle, whatever you drive, or whatever you have. Indeed you are looking for some good parts for your motorcycle. Then check the product features below and decide whether to buy them. You will not be disappointed.


  • Full exhaust muffler system
  • Easy to set up
  • Installation instruction not included
  • Made from AluminumAluminum, natural carbon fiber
  • The diameter of this pipe is 8-51 mm.
  • Material: 304 stainless still & AluminumAluminum
  • Dimension: 17*10*7 inches
  • Weight 6.89 pounds


  • Easy to install it
  • Universal fitment muffler
  • Used widely
  • 100% qualified products


  • Sometimes fitment and size are difficult to measure
  • No instruction about installation

Why choose it:

It is one of the best products for CRF150F 2003-2016 CRF230F 2003-2016, and hopefully, it will give you enough service. Furthermore, the power of performance will increase by 2-5 Hp due to being made with enough material. Therefore, this product should be chosen considering all aspects.

Best and Essential for Upgrading Your Honda: Full Slip-On Exhaust Muffler


This product is what you need for a CRF150F CRF230F motocross motorbike and will bring perfection. It is must important for upgrading your Honda. It means that without this part, it will not guarantee your motorcycle’s use.

So, learn about its use in advance and decide to purchase it. Now get an idea of its features which have already been given below. The full slip-on exhaust muffler is one of the best exhaust systems for CRF150F CRF230F.


  • 100% Brand new & never mounted
  • High Quality
  •  2-5 Hp increase
  •  Made from aluminum muffler and stainless steel pipe
  • Muffler Length: 430mm;
  • Connection Diameter: 38mm
  • Installation instruction package not included
  • Weight 6.44 pounds
  • Dimension: 19.4*7.4*4.9 inches


  •  Will get maximum output
  • 100% qualified products
  • Fitment for Honda CRF150F 2003-2016 CRF230F 2003-2016
  • Easily installation


  • Installation package not included
  •  No warranties

Why choose it:

It can play a vital role in promoting your Honda CRF150F 2003-2016 CRF230F 2003-2016 upgrade. Its material has been given enough according to the model. So good service is guaranteed. So, feel free to pick it up.

Best for Maintaining High Quality: Motorcycle Slip-On Full Exhaust Muffler System


The motorcycle exhaust muffler system is compatible with Honda CRF150F 2003-2013 CRF230F 2003-2013. Do you want to upgrade to the Honda model CRF230F CRF150F? Then it is for you. It is a complete muffler exhaust system that maintains high quality.

Provides long, convenient, and adequate service. It is one of the best exhaust muffler systems for CRF230F & CRF150F 2003-2013. If you need any repairs within three months, you can get it installed. That means you will get a three-month warranty.


  • Silencer exhaust system
  •  2-5 hp increase
  •  Fitment: 2003-2013 CRF230F 2003-2013 CRF150F
  • Made of silencer 6061- T6 Aluminum, Tube 304 stainless steel
  • Reducing weight on top performance
  • Color: red
  • 100% Brand new & High Quality
  • Muffler length: 430 mm
  • Connector diameter: 38mm
  • Weight: 6.64 pounds
  • Dimension: 21.06*4.92*4.53


  • Weight on top performance
  • Will get maximum output.
  • 2-5 Reducing Hp increase
  • Three months warranty
  • High Quality
  • New arrival


  • No disadvantages

Why choose it:

Reducing weight during the top performance is an extra advantage. Materials have been provided for this model. It should not be missed to get full service.

Benefits of changing this exhaust system

  • See which of the above systems would be better for your Honda CRF230F CRF150F 2003-2013. Of course, you are looking for a better-qualified system. We will give you this assurance. Also, this system will reduce the chances of accidents.
  • Are you looking for extra power than the exhaust system? Then get an idea about the features of each design. For example, speed up, easier breathing, better roar, reducing weight, etc.
  • It is very annoying and uncomfortable if the sound is too much with the speed of the bike. Changing the exhaust system will make it sound good.

CRF150F & CRF230F Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

Are you confused about good service? No worries. There is a buying guide to clear up your confusion.


Try to set a budget in advance. It will be convenient to choose any one of the many options. You can budget according to your needs based on the budget. It will take less time.


As the owner of the vehicle, the way you look at the luster of the car is needed to provide maximum consideration to its durability. That’s why its material has been fed enough. Also, buy according to your budget, which is perfect for your vehicle, i.e., both will suffice.


The two types of riders can be seen. Many people are interested in glamorous materials to make them proud of their vehicle. But, again, many people pay less attention to glamour and focus more on its sustainability and reliability. But it is better to find something that combines the two aspects.


It is challenging to choose one because there are so many brands in the market. However, it is better to choose a well-known brand. Also, we have recommended some famous brands in the market.


Find out how efficient and efficient your vehicle’s exhaust system is. You can look at the recommended brands to verify which brand is the most sustainable and suitable.


The review section can dispel your doubts even after hearing everything you know. You will get clear reviews from customers about every single product. From this feedback, you will be influenced by the prescribed act.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ):

Will the CRF150F/CRF230F engine bolt into a YZ 80/CR 80/RM 80 casing?

No, yet a BBR complete aluminum outline unit begins at $2999, and a moving suspension starts at $6500. These packs permit you to utilize all the 1996 and fresher CR 80/85/Expert segments. The CRF150F/CRF230F engine is enormous. We have seen individuals cobble these into steel outlines. However, it isn’t pretty. The final result rides ineffectively. We don’t suggest it, and we don’t do it.

Is the CRF150F better than the TT-R 125/DRZ/KLX125?

This is an extreme inquiry. The CRF150F has much better suspension, better brakes, and rides more like a significant bicycle. It is heavier than the TT-R 125; however, it’s anything but a compromise worth making. For riding in the forested areas, the TTR can’t be bested. For riding Motocross, the CRF is the place where it’s at.

Is my CRF150F lawful in the smaller than usual or very little class?

Each track and authorizing body is unique. Contact your nearby occasion advertisers or AMA local delegates to discover more. Recall that this is a 4-stroke PLAYBIKE. Try not to hope to be severe against the 2-strokes. You may win, yet you’ll have to outride the opposition. These bicycles have much less torque and gauge significantly more than a commonplace 2-stroke. However, they are much more fun.

How quickly does the CRF150F/CRF230F go?

Exceptionally quick. That is the reason it’s so delightful to ride. We don’t quantify the top MPH of any bikes. In Motocross, it isn’t how quick it goes, yet how rapidly you arrive. In reality, the two bicycles have pretty high maximum velocity.

Will the BBR parts fit both the CRF150F and CRF230F?

The vast majority of our parts will fit the CRF150F and the CRF230F. The only distinction between these two bicycles is wheel size, forks, and shock length. The engines have a couple of various parts. All the other things – outline, motor, seat, tank, bodywork, and so on are something similar.

What are the benefits of a BBR top triple clamp?

The BBR upper triple clamp permits the fork cylinders to be slid down 1″, which raises the front of the bicycle. It’s anything but a more ample surface space of the fork tube, which forestalls fork flex. BBR offers the braces in both norm and oversize handlebar mounts, and we have a wide assortment of handlebar twists and shadings. The bar mounts are two-way movable to tweak the rider compartment. Also, the bar mounts are taller. The CRF150F and CRF230F clasps fuse the critical switch mount.

Bottom line:

The best exhaust for crf150f and crf230f depend on the highlights mentioned earlier. Not all racing bike pipes will serve you equally. And so we suggest you choose a muffler pipe that allows you to enjoy all its opportunities before purchase which will help you increase the benefits and confidence towards your purchase. As a biker, new technology permits you to revel in the advantages of a modern-day exhaust system. The preference, however, isn’t trustworthy since there is numerous revolutionary, feature-packed merchandise to be had.

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