Top 8 Best Exhaust for Z125 Pro In 2022

Are you looking for the best exhaust for the z125 pro? This review will help you a lot. No need to waste your time trying to find it within the marketplace. Read this evaluation, and I hope you may find a nice one from here for you. So read the item attentively to find out the great one.

Driving a high-powered vehicle or truck is a deal for your senses. The feeling of G-forces pulling you into your seat as you accelerate, the scent of burning rubber, and the sight of impressed onlookers all add up to 1 fulfilling sensory level. However, it’s the sound of a growling exhaust gadget that certainly gets your heart pumping.

Before you cross-searching for the high-quality exhaust machine on your automobile, check the extraordinary kinds of structures and learn the way a performance exhaust can improve your electricity, efficiency, and sound. Here I will write about the eight best Kawasaki z125 pro exhausts.

What is The Best Exhaust for Z125 Pro?

If you need a high-quality exhaust for your z125 pro then you can choose it from here. I have made a list of the 9 best exhausts for z125 let’s have look at them. And then you can choose anyone for you from this review.

Best Budget Exhaust: Exhaust with Muffler Slip On Compatible KAWASAKI Z125 PRO

“Excellent quality, lightweight, looks great”

Best for Good Upgrade Power Performance: ISTUNT Exhaust System Pipe with Baffle Muffler

“It allows the bike to increase its power performance, It Includes a mounting Bolt, springs, and a spring hanger”

Best Sound & Great Look: Kawasaki Z125 Full System Exhaust Black by Musarri

“It sounds great, easy to install, quality full”

Best for Z125pro-Z125 All Model All Year: Aodonly Racing Low Mount Exhaust

“These exhausts are high-Quality Stainless Steel, Its Conditions are 100% Brand new, This product is a DB killer inside a muffler”

Best for Backfire & Small Popping: ZoOM Exhaust Full System The Brute Low Mount NEW

“Its parts are ready to mount with all necessary holes and attachments. It also makes it more comfortable to ride from one place to another”

Best for Motorcycle Riders With Extra Power: ZoOM Exhaust Kawasaki Z125 Pro Full System Black

“This allows the product to increase attachment, It increases the power performance on the bike.  It has no silencer so it sounds “broppy”

Best for Producing More Power & Reducing Kawasaki Z125 PRO GP Mount Full Exhaust

“The exhaust system is adjusted to GP style, It has MP which gives time to produce noise reduction”

Carbon Fiber End Cap with Titanium Canister: Pro Circuit T-6 Full-System Exhaust

“It also ensures better stability, it is durable, Good design”

8 Best Z125 Pro Exhaust System

Motorcycle Exhaust with Muffler Slip KAWASAKI Z125 PRO

The Motorcycle Exhaust With Muffler Slip is mainly compatible with the KAWASAKI Z125 2016-2020. It is made with Aluminum and stainless steel. If we compare the stock, the weight of the exhaust is comparatively lighter. The production quality is also excellent. Though the exhaust does not provide any instructions, its installation process is straightforward. 

So the user needs to rely on others. Moreover, the user need not adjust it with a bike. One can directly install it on a bike. The exhaust contains a removable baffle in the tip part. With low and deep sound, it removes the loudness of the sounds. The exhaust has a hassle-free warranty. It is imported from the USA.


  • Manufacturer: ‎ANODIZING RACING
  • Item Weight: 7.58 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 22×10×6.4 inches
  • Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturer Part No: ‎EP220


  • Compatible with KAWASAKI Z125 2016-2020
  • It has a very lightweight
  • It does not require adjustment
  • Easy to install
  • Has excellent production quality
  • Contains removable baffle
  • It does not produce too much sound
  • It has a hassle-free warranty


  • It does not provide instructions

Why choose it:

If you need an exhaust with excellent quality, it is the best one. The easy installation, lightweight, hassle-free warranty makes it more attractive to the users.

ISTUNT Exhaust System Pipe with Baffle Muffler

ISTUNT Motorcycle Full Exhaust System Pipe for KAWASAKI Z125 2013-2018 Z125 PRO 2019-2021

Its specification condition is 100% brand new. Its material is stainless steel. Its removable high-Quality. The baffle is an excellent glossy black header with an ISTUNT muffler. Fitness for Kawasaki Z125 2013-2018 Z125 Pro 2019-2021. The packages included 1 x exhaust header, 1 x tailpipe, 1 x bracket, 1 x bolts, and 2 x springs.

The muffler length is 310 mm—mounting bolts, springs, and a spring hanger, without instructions. Nevertheless, it is an excellent upgrade to increase the power performance of the bike.

It includes everything you need to install a stock bike. The rear bracket should cut 1/2 from the plastic around the rear set. Its good dual exhaust looks excellent. It is a cheaper muffler than what is outside. And don’t expect it to roar if the target is made noisier (but it makes drivers realize that there are motorcycles and riders). It will work.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand:ISTUNT
  • Manufacturer: ISTUNT
  • Item weight: 5.37 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.47 x 7.95 x 5.94 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: Z125 PIPE-HTDX
  • Muffler Length: 310mm


  • It takes less time to install than a motorcycle muffler
  • It is a cheaper muffler than the ones outside
  • It is built for free, looks good, and works well
  • It has to cut a piece of plastic to fit the 2020 Kawasaki Z125 Pro fit bracket
  • It’s easy to install and has excellent sound, just ready to change.


  • Its pipe stands out from the very back.
  • It doesn’t fit well.

Why choose it:

You can choose it because its performance capabilities are upgraded a lot. However, it cannot be easy to understand where you should place it. A small piece of plastic had to be cut off the body of the bike to mount the bracket. If you don’t want to cut the bike, you can buy a separate bracket for it. Also, one of the bolts is long, lol.

Kawasaki Z125 Full System Exhaust Black by Musarri

Kawasaki Z125 Full System Exhaust Black by Musarri

New GP exhausts. We are being introduced for the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. The exhaust of this whole structure gives a great look with its low cast mounting position, and the Z125 is the best solid we have ever heard of. Complete extraction is made in ASIS304 stainless steel using TIG and MIG welding techniques.

Each exhaust is accompanied by an effectively removable low-volume embedded std, managing riders’ sound output. With a fair weight of just 4.5 pounds, the installation is more or less essential, removes the production line exhaust, and the exhaust is straight, everything is connected, and it takes a few moments. No change is required.


  • Part Brand: Musarri
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: AREA 
  • Surface Finish: Black
  • Manufacturer: Area 22
  • Item Number: EXMS04BK


  • It has a straightforward installation, and everything works perfectly.
  • The stock 02 sensor size is 12mm, and it will bolt perfectly.
  • The Z125 motor sound is excellent, with baffle sound.
  • It looks beautiful and is easy to install.
  • It is made of stainless steel.


  • Other colors are not available.

Why choose it:

You can choose it because it looks great, sounds great, and has professional welds. You can easily install and properly fit everything. This company’s premium products have great prices, so you don’t waste your balance. So you purchase it without any doubt.

Aodonly Racing Low Mount Exhaust

Aodonly Racing Low Mount Exhaust Stainless Steel for Kawasaki z125 Z125 pro all model

Aodonly Racing Exhaust Full System All models exhaust material all year round. So that there is high-quality stainless steel. 100% brand new product DB Killer inside the muffler shipping via its express mail. God only Racing Exhaust is a complete system. It is a 100% brand new product so that there is good quality drainage.

It is audible and audible enough. But it will take many complex works to travel peacefully. Dan Moto has to get out of the XG-1 exhaust, and that thing hits his ear. It needs to be eliminated. Its welds are significant. But not so easy to install on any bike. It is easy to install quickly and is of outstanding quality.


  • Brand: Aodonly Racing
  • Manufacturer: AR-z125
  • Material: High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Item weight: 3 pounds
  • Dimension: ‎22 x 7 x 4.5 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: AR-z125


  • It’s great to look at and good.
  • Once you know where things go, it’s easy to install, and shipping is fast.
  • It has instructions for brackets.
  • It has good quality drainage.
  • The welds are significant but not so straightforward to install on any bike and leave the buffalo on an excellent sound.
  • It is easy to install quickly and is of outstanding quality.


  • The sound of 1 day of riding leaves the outsider

Why choose it:

Great to see and can choose. Once you know where things are going, it’s easy to install, and shipping is quick. You can bend it based on what should be thought of and a good quality exhaust. It is the best joke for your buck. It can hear enough through the melody.

ZoOM Exhaust Full System The Brute Low Mount NEW

ZoOM Exhaust Kawasaki Z125 Z125pro

Kawasaki Z125 / Z125 Pro Header Pipe is compatible with stainless steel complete systems. It has high strength and a lightweight installation. Its parts are ready to be mounted with all necessary holes and attachments. The best part is the disruption and the slight popping. It can scare people on the side of the road with some loud noises while others make great noises.

It feels more comfortable to ride from one place to another, mainly because of the Los Angeles traffic that other cars can at least hear. It doesn’t sound like a fart can. It has a great deep melody that sounds good. It is impossible to say how much energy this thing produces or snatches. It produces such a sweet and great tone that it feels perfect. It is connected to an intake and fuel controller. When the profile is low, the sub cage spreads and does its job of protecting the exhaust.


  • Brand: ZoOM Exhaust
  • Manufacturer: ZoOM Exhaust
  • Material: Canister: Black sandblasting
  • Item weight: 5.04 pounds
  • Dimension: ‎23 x 4.8 x 4.4 inches
  • Manufacturer part number: ZM-KW-Z125-BRUTE-STL20-3-LO-DOWN


  • It creates a great tone and is very lovely to look at.
  • Its relaxation and customer service are excellent.
  • This small-diameter pipe is the power of the stock Z125.
  • The built-in motor will tune in.
  • Its great exhaust is perfect; the way it looks towards the bike is fantastic.


  • There is not enough back pressure like looped or long system

Why choose it:

You can choose it if you want for better performance of the exhaust. It looks great and even better. There was nothing like the aftermarket pipe quality and style. Again, it is not as expensive as some other names. But the build and fair value are just as great as the big name. You can buy it as fast as you need

ZoOM Exhaust Kawasaki Z125 Pro Full System Black

ZoOM Exhaust Kawasaki Z125 Pro Z 125 Pro

If you have a motorcycle, then the ZoOM Exhaust Full System Compatible is best adjustable for your bike. It has excellent features with the Kawasaki Z125 / Z125Pro Header Pipe. Mainly the exhaust Design Stainless Steel 304 Full system Year in 2017-2020. The Exhaust lightweight access makes the high power main and can be installed very easily on your bike.

All parts of this access are mounted with the necessary holes and attachments that you can install perfectly. It is 100% brand new and can be mounted quickly—a handful of professionals hand-made it with black ball blasting material.

The zoom exhaust system comes very fast with an easily removable low-volume insert std, controlling the rider’s sound output.


  • Item Dimension :‎13.58 x 7.48 x 5.55 inches
  • Brand: ‎ZoOM Exhaust
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Surface Finish: Black
  • Item Weight: 4.85 pounds


  • The ZoOM Exhaust complete system is a provider of High power.
  • It is a lightweight product, so it is easy to install.
  • 100 % new brand. Exhaust is compatible with the whole system.


  • The approved grip of this product has no instructions.

Why Choose it?

One of the reasons you choose Zoom Exhaust Full System Compatible is because its performance capabilities are remarkable. This product has been upgraded many times. You can mount it on your motorcycle. It can be challenging to figure out where to place it, but a fitted exhaust system for your bike adds to the enjoyment of riding.

Kawasaki Z125 PRO GP Mount Full Exhaust

Kawasaki Z125 PRO GP Mount Full Exhaust

If you want an exhaust for your bike? Yes, The 2017 Kawasaki Z125 PRO GP Mount Full Exhaust system is the best choice for you. It is very popular with vibration systems. When the exhaust system fits your bike, it is very outstanding looking. In addition, Kawasaki is durable compared to other exhaust systems.

This access has removable features and low-volume inserts that help riders control the sound output. The sound and quality are great, so it makes riding comfortable. It is not heavy, so no extra time is spent on installation. Easily mountable and standard gas coat. Long-lasting and safe for all riders.


  • Brand: M4 Performance Exhaust
  • Package Dimensions: ‎25.51 x 12.01 x 7.24 inches
  • Placement on Vehicle: Motorcycle
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Item Number:‎ KA1125
  • Item Weight: 7.43 pounds


  • This access is an attractive black ceramic coated pipe.
  • It fits the exhaust system perfectly with a GP-style muffler.
  • This exhaust is very durable, and the gas cost is excellent.
  • It provides long-lasting services.


  • Sometimes it’s very tough for professional riders.  

Why choose it:

You must choose the product because it is an overall sound exhaust system and helps your bike ride. Also, its stay is long-lasting and has a great sound. When it fits your bike, no deep roar. Great price, but the exhaust mount wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Finally, I think the exhaust system is perfect for your bike.

Pro Circuit T-6 Full-System Exhaust

Full-System Exhaust for 17-18 Kawasaki Z125PRO

The Pro Circuit T-6 Full-System Exhaust is made with stainless steel, carbon fiber, and titanium. Stainless steel made the header, the canister is made with titanium, and carbon fiber made the head cap. The aluminum muffler ensures the strength and durability of the exhaust. The asymmetric configuration of the muffler increases the package volume. In addition, it contains a spark arrestor which U.S.F.S approves.

The fender bracket adds stability to the exhaust. The Pro Circuit is a well-known premium type of manufacturer. It is mainly the perfect exhaust for the dirt bike. Nowadays, it is also applicable in some bikes like Kawasaki’s new Z12 Pro and Honda. The exhaust ensures high performance. It is also too good to look at. Its main goal is to show improved performance, and the T-6 system hit the target. The exhaust is manufactured in the U.S.A.


  • Brand: ‎‎Pro CIRCUIT
  • Manufacturer: ‎Pro circuit
  • Item Weight: 9.7 pounds
  • Dimensions :‎ 29.1 x 11.8 x 8.6 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ‎0121712G
  • Material: Stainless steel, Titanium, Carbon fiber


  • High-quality exhaust
  • Ensures the best performance
  • Perfect for dirt bike
  • Has unique design
  • Stable to use
  • Ensures high strength and durability
  • Contains U.S.F.S. approved spark arrestor


  • No disadvantages

Why choose it:

If you need an exhaust that will ensure the better performance of your old bike, then it is the right choice for you. The premium quality, peak performance makes it more adorable to the users.

z125 pro exhaust

Z125 Pro Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

An exhaust gadget is one of the vital performance enhancements you may add to your vehicle. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you a lot to make the proper selection while shopping for the first-class exhaust to your car, truck, or S.U.V. With all of the one-of-a-kind exhaust structures and components available. It may be challenging to locate the right package to your desires.


Different motors and engines have distinctive wishes. Each exhaust device is optimized for specific applications, making sure the exhaust gadget you need is the proper one for your automobile. For instance, while a Dual Flowmaster exhaust is probably an excellent choice for a muscle automobile, a game-compact or import could have a better advantage from a Borla exhaust.

It may upgrade trucks and diesel vehicles with heavy-duty systems like the ones from M.B.R.P. You may even enhance your R.V.’s electricity with a Gibson Motorhome exhaust that’s specially designed to fit the traumatic weight and payload of a motor domestic.


Every exhaust system or muffler has its very own particular sound. You can add a Magnaflow muffler for your exhaust for a pleasing, barely louder-than-stock tone or you can get a competitive growl out of a glass pack Cherry Bomb muffler. If it is a traditional muscle vehicle tone you’re after, go with an attempted and proper American Thunder machine from Flowmaster.


Don’t neglect that your exhaust device is likewise an exquisite vicinity to add some custom fashion to your car. For example, by adding a Chrome exhaust tip, your automobile’s rear-quit receives a nice touch of hot-rod looks.

You may even upload a fixed of double exhaust recommendations that give unmarried-exit structures the appearance of a double goes out – or you may give your twin-go-out Catback exhaust an impressive quad-go outlook.


Don’t take our word for it – Read our exhaust device reviews to look at what your fellow drivers think about their exhaust structures. Like any automobile accent, you want an exhaust machine that fits your price range. Exhaust manufacturers offer an extensive selection of structures for each the overall performance-obsessed and the charge-aware. 

If you’re looking for a few greater horsepower without spending a fortune, go together with a Heartthrob exhaust or a hard and fast D.C. Sports header. These exhaust parts are made from more excellent inexpensive materials like aluminized steel and mild steel, but they offer many performance benefits and long-lasting durability.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Why would you replace your Z125 factory exhaust?

Your Z125 has probably done well with an exhaust framework on it. So why would you change it? There are plenty of legitimate justifications to stop stock Z125 exhaustion:

Make it faster: The Z125 is pretty good in reality. However, the manufacturers need to fulfill a financial plan. It means that they may not be able to supply the best bike exhaust pipes for your bike.

Lighten it up: For example, replacing a large steel structure with a post-retail titanium unit with a single short suppressor weighs an additional 15pounds or more. It can be up to 5% of the weight of the total bike. Weight drop can be equivalent to horsepower.

Cash save: O.E.M. exhaust frameworks typically cost much more than post-retail debits. So your O.E.M. will be eliminated when you go with your post-retail.

How loud will my motorcycle be? 

Indeed, that relies upon a couple of things. Essentially every post-retail exhaust is louder than the manufacturing plant exhaust. Second, a portion of the presentation relies upon not expecting to quiet the bike. On the off chance that the exhaust is too loud, a few producers offer calmer baffles that you may introduce to bring the volume of the motorcycle nearer to stock. 

The vast majority of the Z125 exhaust regularly have a removable astound in the tip of the muffles (usually alluded to as a dB executioner) that can be eliminated or introduced for comparative control of sound levels. Execution usually is unaffected by the presence or absence of these baffles.

How hard is it to turn on the bike exhaust on the Z125?

All things considered, it depends. How big a “wrench” would you say? What kind of structure are you introducing? Appropriate responses shifted significantly. We put bolt-on exhausts on top of a bike and started riding on it in less than 20 minutes.

Expect your mechanical fitness and exit framework and connected frameworks to be deactivated. Determine your ability to follow the tools and bearings available to you.

Given the opportunity that any of these seem like a hurdle, don’t hesitate to go to the repairman to finish the work of an expert. Sometimes, an introduction at a reasonable cost from a skilled shop can give you significant peace of mind when you hear a potential problem from the exhaust work done that was more effective than the initial assessment.


If you want your vehicles to give you good service, it is essential to buy the best exhaust for z125 pro. While it cannot be apparent at the beginning, terrific car exhaust can reduce your fuel costs. When the exhaust gasses are expelled faster and greater correctly, the engine doesn’t want to work as tough and spend an awful lot of gas.

Although the reduction in gasoline fee won’t be excellent sized in quick distance journeys, the extra kilometers your pressure, the extra the financial savings might be. You’ll additionally do some good for the surroundings. The more effectively the exhaust machine expels fumes, the higher the engine will perform.

However, the stock exhaust machine automobiles generally aren’t very green, as most manufacturers generally tend to stint in this component and spend more on different, more significant parts. As a result, maximum unique exhausts consist of a single, slender pipe that may produce lower back stress in the engine, for this reason requiring it to work harder.

So, though, in reality, making an investment in an aftermarket car exhaust along with a twin rear exit or dual side go out, your engine can produce paintings better than it used to. And this easy trade can boost your vehicle’s horsepower via as much as five%, which isn’t a slight growth.

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