Top 6 Best Oil for Old Classic Cars In 2022

Do you have a classic car and are tired of searching for the best oil for old classic cars? Well, we all know how fascinating classic cars look. But it’s pretty challenging to find available oil for these cars. Because classic cars have different metal engines than other regular cars, they need motor oil, high zinc oil, and Castor oil to improve their machines.

Besides, there is another oil called Lucas oil. These oils were so prominent for classic cars, but now, it isn’t easy to find these oils in the market after so many years. So to reduce your tension by finding oil for your classic cars. We have brought these six best oils for old cars review and buying guides to your door.

Keep reading below to find a perfect oil type for your classic cars. Even these oils are perfect for vintage cars, racing cars, and so far for gaming cars also.

What is the best oil for old classic cars?

The best oil for classic cars, muscle cars, trophy cars, and others with no catalytic converters are Lucas, Brad Pann, Castrol GTX, Champion Classic oil, etc. Those brands are famous due to their high-quality performance and lubrication ability. In addition, their features make them perfect for classical racing. Here, you can learn about the best six oils of classic cars at a glance. 

Best for Hot Rod & Classic Car: Lucas 20W-50 Petroleum Oil

“Contains zinc at a higher level, makes thick and tough additive films”

Best High-Performance Engine Oil: Lucas Oil Hot Rod & Classic Car High-Performance Oil

“Improves film electricity, Improves pressure in worn engines, Available in convenient 5-quart bottles”

Best Oil for Old Cars: Brad Penn Oil Partial Synthetic Racing Oil

“Provide higher lubrication, Have anti-wear properties, produce a little bit of wear and tear during high stress or high torque”

Best for Conventional Motor Oils: Castrol GTX Classic 20W-50 Conventional Motor Oil

“Better than other essential oils, works best for conventional motors, and contains high zinc”

Best Budget Oil: Champion Classic & Muscle 10W/30 Performance Motor Oil

“It is a top choice for engine storage, It can maintain oil pressure and compression, It has Universal compatibility with other oils”

Best for Use in Older Engines: Rislone Engine Oil Supplement Concentrate with Zinc Treatment

“Suitable for your engine, very affordable, reduce idle engine noise”

List of Best Oil for Old Cars

Best for Hot Rod & Classic Car: Lucas 20W-50 Petroleum Oil

Lucas 20W-50 Petroleum Oil

The Lucas 20W-50 Petroleum Oil is one type of fortified oil that is paraffin-based. In addition, it contains zinc, phosphorus, and molybdenum in higher levels. These additives make thick and tough additive films. In this way, they make it able to provide extra protection, even helpful in severe conditions.

It is essential for its role in lowering oil temperature, reducing mental fatigue, and expanding oil life expansion. It is because the film strength between the pistons ring and cylinder wall increases by it. It is also important to slow the burning of oil and also to increase the worn engine pressure. It can persist not only in cold temperatures but also in high temperatures.

The oil is adaptable with all racing fuels, menthol, synthetic and non-synthetic oils. It is perfect for showroom, muscle, trophic and classic cars that don’t have catalytic converters. For racing purposes, it’s an ideal selection. But if you keep in mind that you must not use it for passenger cars.


  • Item weight: 9.6 pounds 
  • Item model number: LUC10684
  • Brand: Lucas Oil
  • Dimensions :‎ 3 x 4.75 x 8.25 inches
  • Liquid volume: 5 Quarts 
  • Viscosity: 20W50
  • Vehicle service type: Car


  • Perfect fuel for the car, which has no catalytic converters.
  • It can persist both at cold temperatures and high temperatures.
  • The oil is compatible with a wide range of fuels.
  • The presence of additives adds some extra facilities like reducing oil temperature and metal fatigue, expansion of oil life, etc.
  • The additives also help to provide support and extra protection.


  • Not suitable for passenger cars.

Why choose it:

If you are looking for an oil that is perfect for your classic car competition, it is ideal for your car. It is also usable in a wide range of vehicles rather than the passenger car. In addition, it is adjustable with a wide range of fuel that makes it more preferable to the users.

Best High-Performance Engine Oil: Lucas Hot Rod & Classic Car High-Performance Oil

Lucas Oil 10687-6PK SAE 10W-30 Hot Rod and Classic Car High Performance Motor Oil

Lucas Hot Rod 10W-30 motor oil is manufactured with the highest first-rate paraffinic base oils. It is fortified with an utterly unique additive package. It contains high degrees of zinc, molybdenum, and phosphorus. These can give a more complex, thicker additive movie for optimum safety, even underneath the most intense situations.

It improves the film electricity among the cylinder wall and piston jewelry, slows oil burning, and improves pressure in worn engines. It has correct cold temperature homes and stands up to high running temperatures. It is like-minded with methanol and all racing fuels, as well as with artificial and non-synthetic oils.

The method is perfect for the Hot Rod and Classic Car crowd, with an expanded zinc fee of 2100 PPM. Because lots of these unique machines regularly spend long periods of iciness, for instance in some elements of the United States of America off the roads.


  • Item weight: 12.45 pounds 
  • Item model number: 10687
  • Brand: Lucas Oil
  • Dimensions :‎ 9 x 7.8 x 9.2 inches
  • Liquid volume: 32 Fluid Ounces 
  • Viscosity : 10W-30
  • Vehicle service type: Car


  • Provides harder, thicker additive film for maximum safety
  • Lowers oil temperature
  • Extends oil life
  • Minimizes metallic fatigue
  • Improves stress in worn engines
  • Compatible with methanol and all racing fuels, in addition to synthetic and non-synthetic oils
  • It included rust and corrosion safety in its specific formulation.


  • Expensive

Why choose it:

Lucas Hot Rod & Classic Car Motor Oil SAW 10W-30 is for muscle, showroom, traditional, and trophy cars without catalytic converters. In addition, you can utilize it in racing packages. It did not endorse him for passenger vehicle use.

Best Oil for Old Cars: Brad Penn Oil Partial Synthetic Racing Oil

Brad Penn Oil 009-7119-12PK 20W-50 Partial Synthetic Racing Oil

The Brad Penn Racing Oil is one type of partial synthetic oil. The additives of the oil have an anti-wear nature that makes it perfect for flat shaft engines. In addition, it is designed in such a way that it is ideal for long-term high-speed racing purposes.

Here, the base oil grips with the parts of the engine. So during competition, when there is high torque or high stress in the machine, there will be a reduced amount of wear and tear. The additives contain dispersants and detergents that help the engine perform the best performance and keep it clean.

Though it is partial synthetic oil, in a straight blend, it is available. Any firm of the oil is suitable to provide enough lubrication during racing. So it is mainly used in muscle cars, traditional classic and motorsports vehicles. To protect engine competition, it uses alcohol separation.


  • Item weight: 23.5 pounds 
  • Item model number: 009-7119-12PK
  • Brand: Brad Penn Oil
  • Dimensions : 13 x 10 x 9 inches
  • Liquid volume: 1 Quart
  • Viscosity: 20W50
  • Vehicle service type: Car


  • Perfect for classic racing enthusiasts and engine builders.
  • The oil contains a high ZDDP concentration.
  • Produce a little bit of wear and tear during high-speed racing.
  • Ensures the peak performance of the engine.
  • The oil keeps the engine neat and clean.
  • Available in two forms are synthetic blends, straight grades. Both have a good quality lubrication property.
  • The oil is a perfect selection for a flat tappet engine.
  • The additives have an anti-wear nature.


  • The cost is comparatively higher.

Why choose it:

If you search for oil for racing purposes with higher lubrication ability, it is the perfect selection. The anti-wear nature of additives keeps the engine almost free from wear and tear. In addition, it keeps the engine neat and clean with higher performance. For this reason, it is one of the well-known oils for classic racing.

Motor Oil with Zinc for Older Cars: Castrol GTX Classic 20W-50 Conventional Motor Oil

Motor Oil with Zinc for Older Cars Castrol GTX Classic 20W-50

Who have classic cars and looking for oils in automotive gasoline engines. For them, these Castrol GTX will work better than other essential oils. Castrol GTX classic cars oil work best for conventional motors. The best feature is that it has viscosity up to 20w-50, and the packaging comes with 6 quart that is a six-bottle in one packaging. To build wear protection in engine oil is specialized by containing high zinc and phosphorus, which is impressive.

The oil is formulated to tackle severe conditions in tough and thick oil filming. We must say that these Castrol oils can be your best choice for vintage and classic cars without any doubt. The price range is also more limited than other brands.

To give thermal degradation, they have to provide high resistance in their oils. It creates minimal foaming conditions to provide better performance. Its compatible and alcohol base oil for using push-rod, flat tappet engines, and performance cam applications.


  • Item weight: ‎12.42 pounds
  • Item model number: ‎15E24D-6pk
  • Brand: Castrol
  • Dimensions : ‎11.4 x 11.1 x 6 inches
  • Liquid volume: 6 Quarts
  • Viscosity:  20w-50
  • Vehicle service type: classic cars


  • Well suited with gasoline and alcohol-based fuel 
  • Castrol GTX helps the engine to run quieter and smoother 
  • It enables the machine to extend its life over 50 years.
  • It specifically composed of vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer  
  • Works best for conventional motor oil
  • This fuel for high resistance to thermal condition


  • It will not work for high-tech cars and motorbikes.

Why choose it:

Conventional motor oil works best for any classic car engine. Besides, if you look for its features and description, it has all the elements and quality that oil needs to provide in a classic car. In addition, it keeps the engine foaming and calms applications with higher performance, so that I can suggest you pick this one as your best oil for classic cars.

Best Budget Oil: Champion Classic & Muscle 10W/30 Performance Motor Oil

Best Budget Classic Cars Oil Champion 10W-30 Performance Motor Oil

This artificial combo motor oils contain Champion’s distinct TVS- Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer. This oil delivers unrivaled film energy at excessive temperature. It has a higher piston ring seal for max compression and increases the foot-kilos of torque in most engines. These oils also incorporate special lubricity modifiers to lessen friction which unencumbered the total capacity of any machine.

This class of components delivers the anti-wear film important to shield metallic components under blended lubrication where steel-to-metal contact can occur. They are characterized by adhering to the metal within the engine and are activated as metal-to-steel contact causes temperatures and pressures to upward push.

ZDDP is also afforded an exquisite anti-oxidant and paintings synergistically with different additives located in engine oils. Along with its balance, it activates at differing temperatures and pressures. Champion’s Classic and Muscle Motor Oils are encouraged for typically all non-catalytic converter-equipped motors. This non-API circle of oil relatives offers a higher stage of Zinc now not found inside the cutting-edge API licensed oils for newer OEMs.


  • Item weight: 11.79 pounds
  • Brand: Champion
  • Dimensions: ‎11.38*5.56*9.8 Inches
  • Liquid volume: 1 Qt
  • Viscosity: 12W-0
  • Vehicle service type: Vehicles
  • Size: 6 x 1 Qt.


  • Increase the foot-pounds of torque 
  • These oils also comprise unique lubricity modifiers
  • Unlocks the overall ability of any engine.
  • Higher piston ring seal for optimum compression
  • Offers a higher stage of Zinc
  • It provides film strength and viscosity stability
  • It is formulated for the protection of pushrod, flat tappet, and roller cam engines
  • Provide upper cylinder anti-wear protection


  • No disadvantage.

Why choose it:

This synthetic blend of motor oil can be a good selection for you as they contain high premium ZDDP anti-wear protection levels. And this protection is essential in the hot rod, muscle, vintage, and classic cars. Especially if you are a flat-tappet or roller cam operating user at high RPMs, and you need high-pressure (stiff) valve springs, this oil can help you immensely.

Best for Use in Older Engines: Rislone Engine Oil Supplement Concentrate with Zinc Treatment

rislone engine oil supplement concentrate with zinc treatment

I am sure now we are all about the supplement of ZDDP or ZDP. How important it is to contain ZDDP in gasoline oil. It’s suitable for your engines. Risole engine oil has a high concentrate supplement with zinc treatment. That helps a lot to provide better performance from your older or truck engine.

Besides this, the oil will reduce idle engine noise and restrict camshaft wear, expanding engine life. It will also be suitable for camshaft wear and piston scuffing if you talk about the ratio of using this oil, so for older cars, you need to use a whole bottle of oil at once. Otherwise, it’s enough to use half of the bottle for semi-older vehicles, and it will last long.


  • Item weight: ‎‎11.8 ounces
  • Item model number: ‎‎4405
  • Brand: ‎Hy-per Lube by Rislone
  • Dimensions : ‎1.8 x 3 x 6.6 inches‎
  • Liquid volume: 1 pack
  • Vehicle service type: cars and light trucks


  • Rislone engine oil best for older cars
  • Its price is quite an in hand 
  • Reduce idle engine noise
  • It gives high-performance protection 
  • Restrict camshaft wear
  • Expand engine life


  • It does not work well in a new engine.

Why choose it:

If you have an older car, then you must use these Rislone 4405 Engine Oil once for sure. These oils have a high concentration of ZDDP containing that works to provide high-performance protection. Besides, these are among the best for camshaft wear and piston scuffing. So we must say in automotive accessories like old car engines and vintage cars it will work best.

Old Cars Engine Oil Buying Guide

Always check the owner’s manual for what type of oil you will use in your car. It includes grades. You also need to know if your vehicle requires synthetic oil, which is expected in performance and luxury vehicles.

Oil filters are just as crucial as oils. It helps to prevent foreign debris from damaging the engine. It has an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) oil filter. Which extensively tests for your vehicle. You can find OEM filters at your local dealership.

Viscosity: The start of the engine should be the maximum wear. So it is obvious to use lightweight oil. But it also depends on the design of the machine. It could be the case with more modern engines.

But the 20W50 is the right choice for a dry-sump Porsche 911 engine. Engineers from Porsche, in early 911, offered the 20W50 viscosity.

Synthetic oils: The best and most expensive oils are easy to find. Always consider the loose tolerance of older engines.

They leaked oil when cars first tried synthetics like the Titanic. It is much higher in price. Therefore, use conventional oil and change it more regularly.

General: You have at least 1200 ppm to break in.

ZDDP: Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate is an anti-wear additive. Which helps lubricate engines. It also helps control corrosion and corrosion. The American Petroleum Institute (API) published guidelines for reducing the amount of zinc in oil.

And all manufacturers followed the request. For assumption, the levels of ZDDP were 1200-1400 ppm (parts per million). Already for about 30 years, most oils have been around 800-900 ppm—less no way for a vintage car engine.

You can tell the difference between a day or a week, or a month. However, year after year, your engine will age prematurely—your machine rebuilds.

Lack of proper lubrication can be fatal. Make sure you have added ZDDP or are using racing oil (more phosphorus). After the break-in, you can return to standard oil from the racing oil.

ZDDP Additives: Buy oil from the shelf. It is still better than the standard 30 years ago. Make sure some ZDDP has associated 4-ounce bottles with five-quart oil changes.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

What engine is oil best for classic/old cars?

Castrol especially is made in the style of classic oil products. It uses traditional mineral oil and low detergent formulations. Castrol Classic Oil is the perfect choice for your classic or vintage car. Older engines have very different requirements than modern engines. 

What oil is best for old engines?

The best oil should be chosen for older cars or high mileage engines. There are several criteria for this that you can see. High mileage conventional motor oil. Castrol GTX Part-Synthetic High Mileage, Valvoline Maxlife High Mileage Synthetic Blend, Mobil 1 High Mileage Engine Oil, Amwell Premium Safety Motor Oil, etc.

What is the best synthetic oil for high mileage engines?

The five best motor oils for high mileage engines are: Mobile 1 High Mileage Synthetic Oil, Royal Purple HMX Synthetic Oil, Mobile Super High Mileage Synthetic Oil. Castrol GTX High Mileage Synthetic Blending Oil, High Mileage Synthetic Blending Motor Oil.

Is it ok to use synthetic oil in older cars?

This gives better protection. It performs better and lasts longer. And it is made with more chemical compounds, which can hit older vehicles. But, on the other hand, modern synthetic oils are safe to use in all types of cars, ranging from new purchases to classics to older ones.

Can I use synthetic oil in my old car?

Modern synthetic oils are safe to use in all vehicles. Now from new purchases to classics to older non-classics. Synthetic lubricants can damage older engines. It probably came before synthetic oils were extensively tested.

Does using synthetic oils affect the warranty of my high mileage engine?

Includes many high mileage motor detergents. You don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty. Reconsider using the filter, as it will have the most significant impact on engine life. Synthetic oils have improved over the years. Motor oil manufacturers have also improved.

Are our synthetic oils compatible with other types of oils used in old vehicles?

Yes, you can use synthetic oils in classic cars. All types of motor oils do not damage car engines. It tests to make sure. Synthetics no longer use chemical problems (esters) that have caused this problem. Look at the manufacturer, not our word for it.

How do synthetic oils provide acid corrosion protection in high mileage cars?

Most vehicles are capable of using synthetic or conventional mineral oil. It has chemical and viscosity protection at high temperatures. Synthetic lubricants offer meaningful benefits when looking at the benefits and cons. Synthetic oils are almost touting with some brands.

Bottom line

Nowadays, classic car oil is trendy for car motors. The best oil for classic cars is made uniquely. Because this oil uses fewer detergent formulations. Also, the best classic car oil is made in a high-capacity way to protect classic cars that you can use safely. To focus on modern classic vehicles, Cluster classic oils are produced through advanced technology.

Classic car oil has very different requirements for older engines than modern engines. Clustal Classic Oil Premier Lubricant to provide the best protection and performance for traditional car engines. This oil is considered the leading car manufacturer. So you can easily choose for you the best oil for a classic car.

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