Best Stage 1 Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson In 2022

When it comes to your Harley Davidson, the quality of the air that goes into the engine is critical. That’s why it’s important to have the best stage 1 air cleaner for your bike.

There are a number of different air cleaners on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. That’s where we come in. We’ve done the research and found the best air cleaners for Harley Davidson bikes.

We’ve got air cleaners for every budget and every need. Whether you’re looking for a high-performance air cleaner or something that’s easy to install, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re looking for the best stage 1 air cleaner for your Harley Davidson, you’ve come to the right place.

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best stage 1 air cleaner for harley davidson

9 Best Stage 1 Air Cleaner For Harley Davidson

1. Arlen Ness 18-329 air filter Kit with Cover for Harley


The Ness 18-329 air filter has proved to deliver enhanced throttle feedback and significant power. Plus, this product is recommended by a whole lot of H.D. enthusiasts who love to customize their bikes for better performance. It is such a powerful piece that’s ever-ready to support and relieve the engine for better performance.

You can’t go wrong with this air filter for Harley Davidson, and the reason is that the overall performance will in no doubt beat your expectations. Apart from the fact that you’ll get an obvious increase in horsepower, you won’t experience valve pinging anymore in the engine.

It features every hardware and part that you need to make installation easy. With the comprehensive manufacturer’s manual guide, you can easily install this filter in no time. Plus, this filter sets you in the air as soon as you are done installing it.

This improvement might not be obvious at first, but as you ride on, you gradually feel the brilliant impact. However, to get the best out of this air filter, remember to tune your bike or call a professional to help you with that.


  • One-piece aluminum backing plate/carb
  • High-performance filter
  • Aluminum throttle body

2. Kuryakyn 9238 Motorcycle Air Cleaner/Filter


Are you looking for something sophisticated that imparts a radiant presence while on the road, then this one-of-a-kind beveled design air cleaner with a metro look is what you should consider? It’s a lightweight piece that invariably takes no toll on your vehicle’s overall weight. This way, you can continue to soar freely without any weight burdens.

Features an aggressive beveled design on the external body which is reinforced with the brushed stainless-steel badge and stainless-steel mesh insert. The overall design is such that it hides the single-center mounting bolt so that the filter looks hardware-free.

This air filter is e compatible with Harley-Davidson air cleaner kits: Screamin’ Eagle Stage 1 (for’ 99-’16 Touring,’ 00-’17 Softail,’ 99-’07 Dyna), Street Sleeper II, Street Sleeper III, S&S Stealth, and Arlen Ness Stage 1 Big Sucker kits.


  • Provides a stylish trim and cover for Crusher air cleaners
  • Features an aggressive beveled design on the outer perimeter
  • Features a stainless-steel mesh insert and brushed stainless steel badge
  • Machined from premium forged aluminum
  • Includes (1) chrome air cleaner trim and (1) hardware kit

3. Arlen Ness 18-803 Performance Air Filter – Harley Davidson


If you ever tried the Arlen Ness 18-803 Big Sucker air filter, then you will attest to the fact that it’s designed with a special mechanism that lets it deliver efficient power and deep sound emission from the vehicle. With this air filter, your braking system is secured and intact with its one-piece aluminum backing plate. The filter is made of a compact design, such that you won’t find any form of hoses or banjo fittings on the outside.

The construction of the air cleaner comprises cotton foam that surrounds the rim so that foreign or dirty particles can be effectively restricted. In the center of the filter, there’s breathing that permits air to penetrate and exit from the opening of the carburetor. This whole design is concentrated on forming a closed-loop system that guarantees the engine’s high performance under all conditions.

This air filter comes in a variety of stage kits to ensure the perfect air intake for Harley Davidson motorcycles. The stage I kit features a High Flow Air Filter that fits a 93 by 15 round/oval external covering for the air cleaner. However, the stage II kit features a 20 percent bigger High Flow Air Filter that can house 8 inches round O.E.M. external coverings.

In case you want to install it yourself, you have a clear installation process on the panel and the necessary hardware that comes with the whole kit itself.


  • Hardware kit comes with High Flow Air Filters (HFAF)
  • State I and II kits come with high-quality High Flow Air Filters (HFAF).
  • Makes use of a patented Breather technology.

4. Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage I Air Kit


This is yet another brilliant Product from Arlen Ness. You’ll never know how effective this piece will be until you add it to your vehicle system. In this kit, you’ll get all the necessary parts you need to make installation easy. Besides, if you are looking to relieve your vehicle engine of some load, you should consider this product. It’s all you need for your smooth ride.

This filter comes with built-in carb and breather tunnels which you’ll find at both heads so that the pressure on your engine crankcase is reduced to the barest minimum. The manufacturer of this air filter has ensured that this system is entirely closed-loop by ensuring that each tunnel exits at the mount of the carburetor.

The air filter breather is incorporated with an O-ring banjo bolt seal and a radiused intake manifold. These fixtures are meant to relieve the pressure of the engine since there are no oil fittings that can lead to oil leakage.

Stage I kit comes with a Team Ness High-Flow filter that can house all 93-up oval or round O.E.M. external covering. What’s more, the air filter is versatile enough to fit, 2011 Harley Davidson F.X.S. Blackline, 2011 Harley Davidson FXDWG Dyna Wide Glide, 2011 Harley Davidson FLSTSB Cross Bones, 2010 Harley Davidson FLSTSB Cross Bones, 2009 Harley Davidson FXDC Super Glide Custom, 2009 Harley Davidson FXSTB Night Train, 2010 Harley Davidson FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo, and so on.


  • Big Sucker aluminum backing plate
  • Team Ness High-Flow air filter
  • Chrome banjo bolts for Twin Cam and 93-Up EV2 Big Twin
  • Simple instructions and all necessary hardware

5. Arlen Ness 50-334 Big Sucker Stage I Air Filter


One of the best ways to spot a quality product is to check for customers’ reviews and comments. This air cleaner has simply won a lot of users’ trust with its overall brilliant performance and reliable customer relationship. The Arlen Ness 50-334 comes with a combination of features that makes it unique in the market.

It comes with a compact one-piece aluminum backing plate and a CARB support bracket design. This design is such that it will fit for engines up to2015 models to give you a very satisfactory result. Besides, the patented hidden breather technology incorporated into this unit is another intriguing feature you’d love to consider. It features a radius air inlet to eliminate the need for hoses, banjo fittings, hoses as well as filter breathers.

The best air filter always comes with a closed-loop system. The manufacturer has put more effort into making this unit compete with the best in the market by incorporating passages exit at the tip of the carburetor, thereby bringing about a closed-loop system.

The entire filter is covered in high-quality steel, and it’s corrosion resistance. What’s more, this air filter can be easily maintained by washing and doesn’t have oil as it’s been pre-piled. With this air filter, your bike will move even quieter with the V&H slips and FP3, and you can feel this when you whack the throttle open.


  • Features one-piece aluminum backing plate/carb support bracket with patented hidden Breather technology and radius air inlet
  • Breather passages exit at the mouth of the throttle body
  • Kit Includes high-performance filter, backing plate, and steel outer cover
  • Installation instructions are included with each kit

6. Arlen Ness 18-503 Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner


The Arlen Ness 18-503 Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner will no doubt be the last air filter you will ever want to purchase. The filter in this unit is a lifetime filter built to be maintained by simply washing.

It allows you to blow the filter out when due with your air hose. Mind you; this should be done frequently, after which you can now proceed to wash the filter with warm soapy water and rinse off with clean water. Allow it to dry before installing it back. Since it is corrosion-resistant, there won’t be any problem.

This filtration system will not only save you from the hassle of changing air filters. This filtration system will increase the power of your bike by as much as possible. Automatically, your bike will gain more agility and speed.

You’ll definitely notice the innovative performance of this air filter from the improved sound of your engine. A whole lot of bike users have attested that they didn’t spend much time installing this unit just with their basic mechanic’s tools.

What’s more, the Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner Kit fits 1999-2001 Fuel Injected Harley Davidson Touring Models. This air cleaner uses your stock cover. The kitchen includes basic hardware like a pre-oiled filter, breather bolts, a backing plate, and some additional hardware.


  • Comes with a Pre-oiled filter
  • Uses stock air cleaner cover
  • Radius air inlet provides maximum performance by providing unobstructed airflow

7. Arlen Ness 18-498 Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner 

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It might be a bit difficult to believe, but switching to the Arlen Ness 18-498 Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner will in no doubt boost the brilliant response your bike has when you are accelerating. In fact, you will notice a unique increase in how fast your bike can gain speed.

This powerful acceleration increase is partially due as a result of the fact that this new air filter is going to increase the total amount of horsepower your engine has. Apart from the noticeable increase in power, the overall performance of the engine will have gained some momentum as well.

This is a lifetime filter that is designed to be cleaned and then used again instead of being thrown away and replaced with a new one. You will love the fact that this air cleaner allows you to use the stock cover you have already. That way, you won’t have to spend money on buying another custom-fit cover.

Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner Kit is best used with 1999 Harley F.L.T. Touring and up to 2000 models. The Big Sucker is built to give your maximum engine flow of air which means extra horsepower, extra torque, and overall improved effectiveness. In the kitchen, you’ll find a standard red K&N like a backing plate, pre-oiled filter, breather bolts, and all other necessary parts.


  • Pre-oiled filter
  • Uses stock air cleaner cover
  • Radius air inlet

8. Arlen Ness 18-440 Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner

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If you’re looking for a way to boost your bike performance when on tour, then you might want to consider this unit. This Arlene Ness 28-440 air cleaner is a filtration unit that is built to improve the performance of your Harley by putting more effort into seeing that there’s increased airflow.

Can you ever imagine riding so at a very high speed without putting in much effort? This unit features a big sucker that delivers maximum airflow into the engine. The bigger the sucker, the higher torque, and horsepower the unit will initiate.

The filter is designed to be removed, washed, and then replaced. The washable filter will allow you to get more service from your air filter and let you have a longer period of time before you have to replace the air filter. That means it will save you time and money.

It comes with a breather bolt that helps to hold the breather in place while they perform. Their specific function. The breathers in this unit help to ensure that the engine is not overworked. Plus, all the necessary hardware is included in this kit to make installation simple provided instructions are strictly followed.

Plus, this air filter allows you to use the stock cover that you have already, so you won’t have to buy another one. What’s more, this version of the Arlen Ness comes with a new design that is compatible with the stock snorkel cover for the 2014 to 2015 models.


  • Comes with a Pre-oiled filter
  • Uses stock air cleaner cover
  • Radius air inlet provides maximum performance by providing unobstructed airflow

9. Arlen Ness 18-560 Big Sucker Stage 1 Air Cleaner 

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The 2nd product on our list is the Arlen Ness. It’s popularly referred to as a surgical-grade air cleaner kit that has gained its popularity by providing the engine with smooth airflow. Unlike many other air cleaners, this product comes pre-lubricated, so you won’t have to oil anymore. Your engine is meant to function just perfectly with this air cleaner as it is made to give your engine a torque increase of 21%.

This air cleaner is made to not look clumsy on installation due to the fact that you can’t find any external hoses or hardware on this piece. Instead, a hidden breather backing plate technology is incorporated to have all breathers enclosed and well covered. That makes it a pretty simple design that gives your engine chamber an overall neater look.

The Arlen Ness 18-560 Big Sucker air cleaner comes with an O-ring attached to all the breathers, and the reason is that pressure imposed on the engine is regulated, thereby increasing the life cycle of the engine. Apart from the fact that this air cleaner is pre-oiled, it also comprises multiple layers of surgical-grade cotton. These features help to improve engine performance and increase smooth airflow.

If there’s one more thing we really love about this piece, it’s the fact that it doesn’t allow penetration of water into the system. The Cleaner features a synthetic stainless jacketed filter that repels water. Besides, you can always wash this filter when the need arises, provided you have some experience. What’s more, you’ll find a mesh on the gauze which makes the whole air cleaner resistant to corrosion.


  • Billet aluminum outer cover
  • Chrome banjo bolts.
  • Hardware and gaskets.

Important things to consider

Depending on the type of bike, mileage of bike, the average duration of trips, manufacturer, and any additional modifications, you must make a choice as to what specific air filter you require. Below are a few factors you must take into consideration while looking for a relevant air cleaner:

1. Type of air filter

Generally, we have three types of filters. The first one is the paper type which is inexpensive and only meant to be used for a short while since it cannot be maintained. There’s the foam type which is costlier than the previous one.

This type can be cleaned and replaced, and that’s why it is often used by off-road bikers. But it does function for a while, just a little longer than the paper type. The cotton foam type is the most expensive of all, but it’s a durable type of filter that can outlast the engine itself.

2. HEPA Size

Another important factor you must consider is the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) size. This feature is responsible for eliminating allergens such as metallic shards, plastics, and any other particles as they can flush out molecules as small as 0.3 microns. Note that the size of your HEPA filter affects the filter’s performance.

3. Check CADR ratings

Do not forget to check the air filter CADR before you think of buying anyone. This CADR rating is what determines how purified the air dispensed will be especially when the motorcycle is at its maximum speed. It also helps to indicate particle removal effectiveness.

4. Customer Service and Warranty

Many times, a fairly-priced air cleaner demands replacement within a couple of years. Check to see that the seller has a cost-effective replacement or damage warranty in place, so you won’t have to go through the stress of replacing a new air cleaner again and again.

5. Surface area

The larger the surface area of your air filter, the greater the barrier which will be formed to prevent the penetration of dirt particles into the engine. The best bet is to go for a product that comes with ridges and pleats surface design. This design increased the surface area, thus offering greater protection.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Stage 1 Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson?

The Stage 1 Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson is a replacement air cleaner for Harley Davidson motorcycles. It is designed to improve airflow and performance and to increase the life of the engine.

How does the Air Cleaner improve engine life?

The Stage 1 Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson improves engine life by providing better airflow and performance. This allows the engine to run cooler and more efficiently, which increases its lifespan.

What type of oil do you use on motorcycle air filters?

The best oil solution to use on a motorcycle is foam filter oil. It is sticky and has impenetrable properties that repel dirt and dust from the filter.

Why do motorcycle air filters get dirty so quickly?

The reason is not far-fetched. This is because the airflow filter is close to the ground, where all the action takes place.

What are motorcycle air filters made of?

Air filters come in three separate flavors: oiled foam, oiled cotton gauze, and OEM paper.

How does water not get into motorcycle air filters?

They are designed in a way that they repel moisture and any excessive debris. This takes place by monitoring the little particles that pass through its ventilation system, gating any noticeable materials.

What are the benefits of the Stage 1 Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson?

The benefits of the Stage 1 Air Cleaner for Harley Davidson include improved airflow, performance, and engine life. It is also a cost-effective choice, making it a wise investment for Harley Davidson motorcycle owners.


Without any objection, air cleaners are a crucial part of a motorcycle which helps in the smooth running of the engine and overall performance. Ensure to take your time at deciding so that you can land yourself the best stage 1 air cleaner for Harley Davidson, which you can easily clean and maintain with your existing kit.

It’s no point spending so much money on any air filter that’ll still require the purchase of extra equipment. We have made selection easier for you with our comprehensive guide. All you have to do is follow the buyers’ guide carefully before choosing any product at all.


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